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Iphone SE 2 Long Term Review – Should You Buy It?

by edward

The Iphone SE 2 might just be one of the best priced Iphone’s out right now. It sells for around $400 making it a bargain compared to the likes of the Iphone 11. Having had a chance to use this phone for a solid month it definitely reminds me a lot of the Iphone 7. That’s not exactly a bad thing since I still use my Iphone 7 to this day! Anyways lets take a look at if the SE 2 is worth buying or not.


Well the design on the Iphone SE 2 is all glass on both the back and front. The Apple logo is centered with the camera looking identical to the Iphone 7 & 8 in the top left hand corner. The phones actual size is 5.5 inches in height by 2.65 inches in width. Its small enough to hold one handed, or carry around in your back pocket unlike some other plus sized phones.

  • All Glass
  • 5.5 Inches x 2.65 Inches


The Iphone SE 2 sports a 4.7 inch lcd display. When it comes to watching video and playing games it will take some getting used to if your into larger screens. The one thing this phone has going for it is that slick home button which was brought back from the dead. Apple must have realized how many people missed it including myself. While the screen is smaller, the viewing experience is still solid. I’ve been watching quite a bit of Netflix on it over the last few weeks.

  • 4.7 Inch LCD Display
  • Still Solid for Watching Netflix


The SE 2’s camera is pretty standard at 12mp on the back and 7mp on the front. It has Quad-LED dual-tone flash, and can shoot in panorama mode + HDR. You can record video in both 4k and 1080p as well. If you end up buying this phone for the camera I would say 64gb is enough, but going up to the 128gb might be more ideal.

  • 12mp Back Camera
  • Records In Both 4k & 1080p

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If your using an Iphone 8 or below right now the SE 2 is considerably faster. It has the Apple A13 chips which is exactly what the Iphone 11 is using right now. The only difference is that the SE 2 is a few hundred dollars cheaper. It’s noticeable when it comes to loading things especially any type of high graphic game.

  • Apple A13 Chip
  • Same as Iphone 11

Final Thoughts

I honestly believe the Iphone SE 2 will be a solid phone for the long term. Since I still use both my Iphone 8 & 7 I can say that with confidence. The SE 2 has a slick design, and a processor which is up to speed with the Iphone 11. You can find the lowest price online for it by clicking here.

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