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Iphone SE 2 vs Iphone 8 Price Comparison

by edward

Should you buy the Iphone SE or the 8? This is definitely a fair question since these phones show so many similarities. I mean its hard to tell either phone apart except for one small difference being the Apple logo not being completely centered on the Iphone 8. Other than that is the SE 2 really worth the extra money? Lets find out.

Screen Sizes

Both phones have the exact same screen sizes at 4.7 inches. The displays are lcd at 750 x 1334 pixels. If you watch our above video you will have a hard time noticing any real differences even after we ran some Netflix. You could argue the Iphone SE 2 looked a little bit better, but it was hardly much of a difference. The sound quality on both phones was just about the same as well. Bottom line not a whole lot different here.


Now you maybe thinking okay well the Iphone SE 2 must have a better camera than the Iphone 8. Well I am sorry to tell you again you would be wrong. Both phones have 12mp back camera’s, and 7mp front facing camera’s for selfies.  They each record in 1080p at 60fps. So once again no difference what so ever.


Okay finally we have a difference. The Iphone SE 2 has the newest Apple A13 chip which is identical the Iphone 11’s. The Iphone 8 however has the Apple A11 chip making it an overall slower phone. How much slower you ask? Well once again hardly that noticeable when you have these two phones lined up against one another. I mean the Iphone 8 has no issues running high graphic games like COD Mobile, or loading up any web-browser quickly.


Right now the Iphone SE 2 costs $399 new, while the Iphone 8 sells for less than $200. Apple recently pulled production on the Iphone 8 so you can only buy it online at places like Amazon. If you can’t afford $200 right now, and need to buy a phone strictly on a phone plan than the SE 2 makes sense for you.

Final Thoughts

Look if your looking for a great budget Iphone right now than I recommend just getting the Iphone 8. It will save you a couple hundred dollars, and is essentially the same phone as the SE 2 without the fancy upgraded processor. You can find the lowest prices on the Iphone 8 by clicking here.


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