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Iphone XR Gaming Performance Review

When it comes to gaming performance on the Iphone XR I have to admit I was impressed. This is the cheapest of the 3 newly released iphone’s that Apple released. While it is using the same Apple A12 processor as the other two iphone’s its screen is a little less than par. It currently has 6.1 inch lcd display as opposed to an oled that that other two iphone’s are using. However we still feel the Iphone XR is a big win especially if you are trying to save yourself some money. You can also join the free iphone sweepstakes here which will give you a shot at winning a free Iphone XS / XR.

If you didn’t already know you can currently get the XR in up to six different colors being black, blue, red, coral, white, and black. This time around I chose to go with red since it was on my iphone bucket list. I also chose to play some high graphic games to check out the Iphone XR gaming performance. Tekken which is super high graphic looked awesome on here, and so did a relatively newer game called Black Paradox.

Another thing we need to point out is that the loudness on this phone also really good. It has stereo sound speakers that when blasted sound amazing. It also holds a good battery life with its built in non removable 2942 mAh battery.

With some closing comments on our Iphone XR gaming performance review we think you definitely won’t be disappointed. This phone has a beautiful 6.1 inch display that while LCD still looks amazing. It also has the same Apple A12 processor chip inside it that the more expensive XS and XS Max phones have. You also can’t forget that you will have six different color options which is another nice added benefit. If your still on the fence, and want to see some additional resources on the Iphone XR click here.


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