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Iphone XS Max Gaming Review

If your a hardcore mobile gamer it might be time to grab the Iphone XS Max. In our Iphone XS Max gaming review we will be covering what makes this phone worth purchasing. You can check out some of our live video directly below as well.

When it comes to speed this phone had no issues handling some of the highest graphic games such as Into The Dead 2. This phone uses an Apple A12 Bionic Chip that makes gaming seamless. It has Super AMOLED scratch resistant glass with an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprint smudges.

What really makes gaming on the Iphone XS Max special is the huge 6.5 inch display. A true mobile gamer needs something big like this to enjoy a serious gaming session on Fortnite. I have personally become addicted to gaming on some of these big phablet type phones. You will also notice some great sound quality on this phone as we also tried to showcase in the above video.

The only real downside to using the Iphone XS Max for gaming is that its not so pocket friendly. It isn’t the easiest phone to carry around in your pocket, and it can also be hard to hold one handed. It is also quite expensive currently even on the lowest gb size. Other than that I have no issues calling this one of the best gaming phones to come out this year.

With some closing comments on our Iphone XS Max gaming review we definitely think this will end up being the go to phone of the year. Its only real competition is the note 9, but if your an iphone user you will likely end up switching to this phone at some point. If your on the fence of its it worth it or not I can tell you personally this phone is amazing. Don’t forget to check out some of our live video above and can check out some of the latest prices on it here.

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