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Is Iphone XS Max Worth Buying In 2023?

by Fliptroniks

If your wondering if the Iphone XS Max is worth buying in 2023 were here too help. With all of the Iphones currently in the market its easy to get confused about which one to buy.

Iphone XS Max – Purchasing Guide

You also have to factor in how much money your willing to put up to purchase a new phone. I mean we all have bills to pay and spending $1000 on a new Iphone isn’t exactly ideal for most people. The good news is I’m going to make this process as painless as possible and explain to you why the XS Max is a great buy for its current price.


The XS Max has a beautiful design and build. It is all glass on both its front and back. While Apple has claimed the glass on this phone is stronger than ever I still recommend always using a case for it. If you drop this phone I can almost guarantee your going to put a crack in it. Since its a bit larger you might also have issues holding the phone one handed. I can tell you I have some what smaller hands and its never been an issue for me.

Is Iphone XS Max Worth Buying

  • Beautiful All Glass Design
  • Feels Great To Hold In Your Hand
  • Still Use a Case At All Times


Another reason we think the Iphone XS Max is worth buying in 2023 is due to its big display. The Iphone XS Max is a huge 6.5 inch oled display. The screen alone makes it one of the best Iphones for watching video and playing games. Since the displays haven’t changed much on the newer 11 models it makes a lot more sense to save yourself a little bit of money getting this one. I mean it makes sense to me at least.

Is Iphone XS Max Worth Buying

  • 6.5 Inch Oled Display
  • Great for Watching Video
  • Awesome for Gaming
  • Good for Photo Editing


You might also be asking yourself if the Iphone XS Max is worth buying in 2023 for just its camera. It currently has a 12mp back camera with 2x optical zoom, and can record in 1080p by 240fps. You also get a 7mp front facing camera for taking selfies. From personal use I would say the camera on this phone is just about the same as the Iphone 11 counterpart. Once again not much has really changed which makes the XS Max a great buy.

Is Iphone XS Max Worth Buying

  • 12mp Back Camera
  • 7mp Front Facing Camera
  • Records In 1080p 240fps

Speakers / Battery Life

As long as you plan on buying the XS Max brand new you can easily get a full day of battery life. It has a non removable 3174 mAh which is pretty standard for its size. This phone also has some loudness to it. It’s great for listening to music at the gym, and has built in noise cancellation.

Is Iphone XS Max Worth Buying

  • Very Loud With Noise Cancellation
  • Solid Battery Life
  • Does Not Overheat

Final Thoughts

Look if you want to save yourself some money the Iphone XS Max is definitely worth buying in 2023. It’s easily one of the best budget iphone’s at its current price. The phone is also still one of my favorites for watching video and playing games. You can check out the latest pricing for it here.

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