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Is 256gb Enough for Google Pixel Fold?

by edward

Barely a few hours after Google announced the release of the 512GB storage Pixel Fold, it went out of stock. Now, customers are all left with the 256GB version. However, those who still wish to own the 512GB model may have to sign up for the wait-list.

Pixel Fold – Purchasing Guide

With competitors like the Oppo Find N2 having 512GB in stock, you may think of it as a good alternative. However, the Google Pixel Fold promises numerous incredible specifications that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. So if you’re in a hurry, you may just have to make do with the Pixel Fold 256GB model. But the big question is – Is 256gb enough for Google Pixel Fold? Well, we may just have to find out in a bit.

Getting Started With Pixel Fold

The Google Pixel Fold looks like what you’d expect a book-style folding phone to be like. It features an unassuming display on the exterior and an aspect ratio of about 17.5:9. This makes it a bit shorter and boxier than most regular smartphone screens that typically have a 20:9 ratio.

On the back, the trade-mark Pixel camera bar welcomes you, which Google introduced first with the Pixel 6 series and then refined with the Pixel 7. In contrast to the normal Pixel phones, the Pixel Fold’s bar does not fully extend to the rim of its back. Notwithstanding, it retains the usual Pixel design Google established. 

Unfolding the Pixel Fold will reveal a tablet-like 7.6-inch screen. Unlike most other foldables that offer an inner display taller than wider, its default orientation provides a landscape layout. Besides, its huge bezels at the top and bottom of the screen notably distinguish it from other foldables.

The displays alone are competitive. Both screens have an FHD+ resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz. However, the exterior screen is quite brighter with about 1,200 nits in HDR peaking at about 1,550 nits. The inner screen only reaches 1,000 and 1,450 nits, respectively. With this, it means the outer screen is the best display you can use when out in the sun.

Exploring Different Storage Sizes

Google offers three storage configurations for the Pixel fold including 128GB, 256GB, and 512 GB. Sadly, and unlike the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro, it doesn’t offer the 1TB variant. The storage options are quite identical to the previous year— 128GB and 256 GB. 

However, the Pixel 7’s camera performance has been improved, so you might want to get the 256GB model. But if you’re not the type that clicks many pictures, plays a lot of games, or records many videos, then the 128GB model will work just fine for you.

Powered by Google’s Tensor G2 chip plus 12GB of RAM, the new Pixel Fold offers you plenty of oomph for multitasking. In addition, there’s 256GB of storage, although you can tilt towards the 512GB version. The device comes with a notably improved camera system and is more portable than the previous generation.  

3 Reasons 256gb Is Enough

1. The Right Amount of Storage for Needs

With 256 GB, you can download the latest games and apps without worrying about the amount of space you have left. You’ll have plenty of storage space for videos, photos, and music. Besides, you won’t necessarily have to use iCloud. You can also take photos in portrait mode and record 4K videos. It even allows you to download a few episodes of your favorite series for the plane. Cleaning up wouldn’t be your thing. Perhaps you’ll do it once a year just to remove unnecessary apps on your device.

2. Affordability

As expected, the 256 GB Google Pixel Fold is relatively cheaper than the 512GB version. So if you want a more affordable phone with decent storage space, then the 256 GB model is for you. The base 256GB storage variant starts at $1,799. On the other hand, the 512GB storage version goes for $1,919. In comparison, the 256GB is considerably cheaper, starting at $899. However, the 256GB and 512GB versions retail at $999 and $1,099, respectively.

3. Great Alternative to Cloud

If you’re the type that takes a lot of photos and videos — especially high-resolution photos and videos that take up a lot more storage — and you don’t offload them on cloud-based storage solutions like IDrive, Dropbox or Google Photos, you’re going to need a smartphone with a higher storage capacity. Similarly, if you’re the type that owns a lot of music or movies, say you download a lot of movies and songs, then you need reliable storage space. Since 256GB has a lot of storage to store files offline, then it is the right amount for you.

Pixel Fold Series Benefits

1. Seamless Curvy Design

The book-style mechanism isn’t unique to the Pixel Fold but is exceptional for its incredible curvy design. One significant, impressive design feature is the hinge that closes flat. This makes both halves of the interior display touch each other. And as a result, when closed, it gives the Pixel Fold a thinner side profile.

On top of this impressive aesthetics, the design choice also protects the inner display from damage caused by debris. So, be sure that debris won’t get between the inner display when pocketing the Pixel Fold. However, this can’t be said for its competitor. Furthermore, the back features a ceramic and a matte finish. This helps protects against fingerprint smudges. It comes in two colors, Obsidian and Porcelain.

2. Impressive Hardware & Software

One of the key features holding back tablet-sized Android phones is their poor software integration. On the other hand, the Pixel Fold has all the impressive features that improve user experience on Android tablets and more! Some of these features are the new taskbar, a two-panel notification shade, drag-and-drop support, and others for better multitasking.

Even so, Google added extra features to ensure the hardware and software function as one piece. Notable is the feature showcasing that allows the seamless switching of the camera feed between the internal and external displays. You can also easily switch from watching a video on the external display to the inner display when you open the phone. The Dual Screen Interpreter Mode is yet another core contributor to the phone’s impressive hardware and software integration. It allows you to access both displays simultaneously. And that’s just the beginning. Google aims to optimize the software experience with time.

3. Robust Stainless Steel Hinge

Google’s Pixel team chose stainless steel, which, thanks to its robustness, makes the phone’s hinge highly durable for long-term use. That also translates to less wear and tear. Besides, it keeps the hinge shining in the long run. Generally, the hinge is one of the weaknesses of foldable because it’s the primary support point that the device depends on for revealing and hiding the inner tablet-size screen. However, if, because of this, you had doubts about getting the Google Pixel Fold, then you’ll be happy to know that the hinge is relatively stronger due to its build material.

In addition, the hinge provides support at every angle from 0 to 180 degrees to enable users to open the Pixel Fold at different angles for taking photos, watching videos, and so on. However, the phone won’t snap automatically, fully open, or closed.

Is 512gb Too Much?

If you’ve noticed, most modern phones don’t feature a microSD card slot allowing you to extend the storage capacity of your phone. It was quite helpful since you can always get more storage if you need it, so you don’t need to guess the storage amount you’ll need when buying a new phone.

Today, this feature is typically prevalent only on budget and mid-range Android phones. Why is this? The short answer is that it gives brands the means to entice you into upgrading to a higher storage variant out of the fear that you may run out of it if you go for the base model.

So, whether 512 GB is too much depends on you-the user! That said, 512 GB can be great to future-proof your phone. However, it’s only sustainable under two conditions: first – you’re a power user who prefers keeping your files local, and second, you don’t upgrade your phone too often and use it for at least five years. If that’s you, then Pixel Fold 512GB storage is worth the extra cost.

Final Thoughts

The comfortable middle ground, the Pixel Fold 256GB storage phone, is terrific for casual users who typically store some files locally but still prefer using cloud storage. 256GB allows you to do that.

256GB might seem like too much storage for a phone at first, but if you either play resource-intensive games, hoard media files, or create image or video content online, this option might give you more reliability than 128GB or less. On the other hand, increased storage space, like the 512 GB variant, usually comes at a hefty premium. Overall, your usage habits determine the amount of GBs you need on your phone.

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