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Is 64gb Enough for Iphone 12/12 Mini?

by edward

With the Iphone 12/12 Mini coming in three different storage sizes, you might be asking is 64gb really enough.

Iphone 12 – Purchasing Guide

We are in an era where people like to stream movies and music and save photos in the cloud. This local storage is an excellent update than the antiqued system.  We say this because people can upload photos to iCloud or Google photos and stay connected to the stream, Apple Music, Spotify, and Netflix with this storage.

Even if you’re the type of person who prefers to have photos and music at the ready whenever you want, 64GB is enough for your iPhone. Not to mention mobile games, which are growing in popularity and size as iPhones they run on, have become more advanced and powerful. Read on to see if 64gb is enough for Iphone 12 series.

How Much Storage Does an iPhone Come With?

When you purchase an iPhone or Android phone, you generally don’t get the free storage as companies advertise out the box. Typically, the operating system, necessary data, and core applications you can’t remove from the phone take some storage.

Is 64gb Enough for Iphone 12

The iOS operating system on the iPhone takes about 12GB of storage.  That is to say, when you buy a 64GB iPhone version, you actually start with around 48,6GB of free storage. In the same line, if you buy 256GB or 128GB iPhone variants, you will get about 117 or 245 gigabytes (GB) of free storage, respectively.

Number of Application a 64GB iPhone Hold

Do you like exploring new applications on your 64GB iPhone? Let’s take a look at the popular applications most people like to install and find out how much space they take on the iPhone. YouTube, the largest video streaming platform, takes about 192MB, while TikTok takes around 214MB on iPhone. Facebook Messenger takes the storage of 42MB, and Facebook itself takes a reasonable space of 246MB.

However, if you prefer installing Gmail as an emailing application, it takes 273MB on the iPhone. WhatsApp is another essential and popular texting application that takes around 69MB. Applications like Zoom, Snapchat takes 58MB and 179MBs. Netflix takes up 63MB when you install it into your iPhone.

It is worth noticing that some of the apps mentioned above start taking up more space on your phone as you continue their use.  In fact, these apps can store data and photos locally on the iPhone. That means these applications take the amount for 1.4GB of free storage. Of course, it depends on how much you use these applications, but the 64GB should conveniently be able to fit their space. You can always opt in for more icloud storage later one or move photos and videos to an external hard drive later on. While this may cost a little bit of money it’s well worth it in the long run if you struggle with using the 64gb model.

Number of Games a 64GB iPhone Hold

Now is 64gb enough storage for an Iphone 12/12 Mini when it comes to gaming? Let’s find out. When it comes to games, they typically take more space as compared to an average mobile application.  Minecraft, on the other hand, is an exception that only takes 263MB. However, if you download other games, they may take a lot of space on your iPhone.

Here we have a small run down of gaming apps and their storage on the phone.

  • Hearthstone -1.88GB
  • Clash Royale -130.6MB
  • Pokemon GO -366MB
  • Fortnite- 256.9MB
  • Call of Duty -2.4GB
  • PubG -2.43GB

It becomes 7.69GB of storage in total. There is no denying that these ragging gaming apps can eat up a considerable amount of your iPhone’s free storage.  And if you fond of playing console games on iPhone, you might want to know that Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas can take around 2.1GB of free storage while a game like Max Payne eats up 1.8GB.

Regardless of the mobile games, you’re into, the 64GB is enough in your iPhone and is able to fit plenty of large gaming apps.

Is 64gb Enough for Iphone 12

Obviously, the app Photos usually take the most storage on your iPhone. It is because your smartphone can quickly fill up with plenty of high-resolution videos and photos.  Photos that you capture from the primary camera take up about 3.3MB in the default 4:3 aspect ratio on average. The selfies taken from the front camera takes around 2MB. Although your photos often vary in size, you can reasonably expect to take and save up to 14,900 photos with iPhone’s 64GB.

Why iPhone Model with 64GB is the Best Option?

As mentioned above, the iPhone 64GB comes with around 49.6GB of free storage, and this feature makes an ideal option for many users. It is for capturing at least 14,900 photographs and holding thousands of videos and songs.

It doesn’t end here; the storage allows you to fit in 49.6GB comfortably. As long as you stick to filming most of the 4k resolution videos and keep deleting things that you don’t need from your storage menu, 64gb is more than enough.

Bottom Line

So if you were wondering if 64gb is enough for Iphone 12/12 Mini we hope this answered your question. All in all, the iPhone, with all its new, vibrant features, can store your years of videos, music, and photos. Moreover, 64GB is enough to keep a healthy collection of gaming apps.  If you let the iCloud library handle the storage, it might only keep the most recent shots as resolution images. But everything else is saved as thumbnails. iOS downloads it when you need it. Thus, apps, games, music, and several other features come in handy on a 64 gigabyte iPhone, making everyone the best choice. You can also check out the latest pricing on the Iphone 12 by clicking here.

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