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Is 64gb Enough for the Iphone XS Max

If your wondering if 64gb is enough for the Iphone XS Max know you are not the first to ask this. First off I have to tell you that going up to the next gig size will cost you roughly $150 more, and it gets even worse after that. Having personally purchased a 64gb XS Max, and downloaded upwards of 50 apps and games on it you will be able to see what this actually looks like on our video directly below.

For the average person saving $150 is definitely a big deal. Even if you take lots of pictures and shoot a considerable amount of video it can be somewhat hard to hit max capacity. However it is still very possible to get maxed out after awhile, but fortunately we are going to go over some ways you can get extra storage.

If your wondering if 64gb is enough for the Iphone XS Max you can always consider opting into iCloud storage. While I am not a fan of doing this since it is setup on a recurring monthly payment to Apple it still works. In order to opt in for more storage you would go into your settings – iCloud – and click manage storage. From in here you can switch from a free plan to a paid plan.

Your next option and my personal favorite would be to pick up a SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive. It costs roughly $30, and makes it very easy to transfer videos and pictures over quickly. You can then store it in a drawer somewhere for later use.

With some closing comments on if I think 64gb is enough for the Iphone XS Max I can tell you it definitely is. You can see in our above video how many apps I had installed on this iphone, and still had a considerable amount of room to spare. Plus we gave you two great options for getting around storage issues if you ever find yourself maxed out.


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