Is Binance App Safe To Use?

Having traded cryptocurrency on a frequent basis for the last couple of years the Binance App has been my go to. Right now it is the number one marketplace for buying and selling over 100 plus coins. Over just the last 12 months I have traded around 20 thousand dollars so I can vouch for its safety for both buying / selling on the platform. As we get into the benefits to using it you can check out some of our video showcasing it below.

If you have any experience trading you will feel right at home with Binance. You can pull up 24 hours price changes, and volumes by the minute. The app itself is one of the most intuitive and user friendly for trading all types of cryptocurrency. In the image below we show you what you can expect for pulling up different charting options.

You might also be wondering if the Binance App is safe for storing coins. I can tell you it most certainly is as I have left money in the app for over 12 months on some long term investments. I have some coins I am long on, and than of course I have some coins I typically buy / sell more frequently.

Some of the built in features on Binance are also pretty useful. You can setup price alerts for different coins, and even switch currencies for buying. The alerts feature has become the most beneficial to me since I can receive a quick notification on any significant price drops. This allows me to jump in and buy a certain coin at whatever my target price might be.

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So if you were wondering if the Binance App is safe all I can give you is my own personal experience. I have been using this app now for almost 2 years and never had any problems. It has helped my earn some money in my free time passively, and is currently the most popular crypto exchange. You can also learn more about them here.

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