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Is Brave Browser Legit?

by edward

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If your wondering if the Brave Browser is legit were here too help. First let me explain what this browser is all about. Brave is an open source free browser built on Google Chromes Chromium. If your familiar with Mozilla the man who created  Brave is there founder. The idea was to build a faster loading browser with better privacy and protection for users. A core feature of Brave is that it blocks ads by default. Yes you heard me right no freaking ads!

Is Brave The Future?

The reason Brave can get away with running no ads is due to there built in rewards system. Users can support there favorite websites through the use of the Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency. The browser has a built in loadable wallet which you can send to sites you support. You can even set a monthly budget which will be automatically distributed to frequently visited sites.

Anyone who uses the Brave browser can earn revenue in BAT by browsing websites that are a part of their publishers program. A user must activate their BAT wallet and then agree to having standard adverts replaced with anonymous ads from Brave. That user will be paid in Basic Attention Token at 15% of the total revenue. The actual amount will be determined by how you spend your time on Brave.

  • Earn BAT Tokens
  • Built In Rewards for Users


Another reason we feel the Brave Browser is legit is due to its privacy settings. Since it automatically blocks ads it will protect you from trackers, scripts, and any malicious activity. This makes it a much safer option than using Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari.

  • No Ads
  • No Scripts or Cookies

Browser Interface

Brave has a crisp smooth looking interface for both desktop and mobile. It uses all the familiar elements your used too such as tabs, support icons, and makes it easy to navigate quickly. It even displays statistics about sites that have been blocked, and tells you how many hours of ad loading they saved you. I mean that’s pretty cool, right?

  • Crisp Clean Interface
  • Stay Organized With Tabs and Support Icons


Right now Brave’s load times are some of the fastest. The reason for this is due to the lack of third party ads. This leaves you with a lot less content needing to load when your browsing your favorite websites. If you think about it for a second it makes a lot of sense. Google Chrome needs to stay on there toes if they plan on competing with them in the near future.

  • Extremely Fast Load Times
  • No Ads To Slow Things Up

Benefits To Using Brave

For those of you wondering if the Brave Browser is legit lets lay it all out there. You don’t have to deal with ads, and both users and publishers can earn money from it. Load times are lightning fast, and the interface for browsing is very clean. You will get more privacy and security as well since your not being tracked by scripts and cookies.

  • More Privacy and Security
  • No Ads + Earning Money Potential

Final Thoughts

Brave offers a unique value proposition to both users and advertisers. They have already made a mark with hundreds of thousands of daily users. You can try it out yourself by clicking here.


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