Is Coinbase App Legit 2019?

The Coinbase App has helped me earn a relatively easy 8k in the last 12 months. If your wondering how legit it is in 2019 were here too help. Also if your new to trading cryptocurrency this is the perfect place to get started. Having traded crypto now for the last 3 years I still use this app on a daily basis. We will have some video show casing how it works below. If you simply want to get started using it click here.

Reputation is the first thing I look for on any trading platform. Coinbase currently serves over 20 million people world wide, and insures each user up to 250k. They have a pretty wide variety of services, but there main focus is the buying / selling of Bitcoin. You will also be able to trade other coins on here as well.

What has always made the Coinbase app super legit in my opinion is its easy to use design. This app was created in a way that anyone could buy / sell cryptocurrency on it. Even if you have no experience trading crypto you can get the hang of it pretty quickly. You can pull up different charts for price histories, set alerts for price drops, and that’s just scratching the surface.

Getting your banking info setup on here is also super easy. You can connect just about any major bank account to allow for easy deposits and withdrawals. In most cases you can get same day withdrawals which is something a bit new. The fee’s for selling on here are right around 1.4 percent each time you decide to sell whichever coin you might own. This is relatively low compared to other crypto brokerages.

So the question remains is the Coinbase app legit to use in 2019? Yes my friends its one of the best places to get into cryptocurrency trading. Having used them for the last few years I have also seen a lot of nice updates to the app. You will be able to invest / trade in quite a few different coins on here, and they are always adding more. Get started trading here!

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