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Is Digit App Safe To Use?

by Fliptroniks

If your wondering if the Digit App is safe to use were here too help. Digit is an automatic savings app with a twist. The twist is that it intelligently chunks money out of your checking account for certain goals you create. These goals can be anything such as saving for a rainy day, a trip somewhere, or paying off credit card debt. As we get more into the specifics on this money saving app you can check out our video review directly below.

What I love most about using Digit is that it makes saving money fun. Once you setup certain goals within the app you can check the status of how there doing on a daily basis. You will also get notifications once a day to your phone letting you know how your checking account looks. If your wondering if the Digit App is safe to use when giving your bank info I have never had problems in the six months using it.

We also have to clarify that this is a straight money saving app. It is not going to invest money for you like Acorns will. Digits main purpose is to automate saving based on goals you create with it. This app can also help protect you from overdraft fees as well.

If your wondering what you would be saving for when using this app it can literally be anything. I created a rainy day fund that I continually add too on a weekly basis. This is basically an emergency fund, but you could also create a pay down debt fund. The options are limitless and can be created as you go.

So if you were wondering if the Digit App is safe to use it most certainly is. Its a great tool for automating your savings and actually makes it pretty fun. You can signup here.


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