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Is Dogecoin a Good Investment? Price Prediction 2021

by edward

If your wondering if Dogecoin is a good investment in 2021 you’ve landed in the right place. Now I’ve got to tell you, this is probably one of the most fun coins to talk about because it’s so ridiculous. This crypto coin has a mascot which is a Shiba Inu, okay. That’s a Japanese dog. That’s what this whole coin is based off of. And, honestly it might seem like this is a joke and it honestly does seem like it’s a joke, but I’ve bought this coin and sold it before. Dogecoin currently ranks 44th of all coins. It has a $330 million market cap, and a pretty big circulating supply hence the price. Now before we go any further I want to let you know none of this is financial advice and you should always do your own research.

Where To Buy Dogecoin?

Now, if you were looking to get Dogecoin, what’s kind of strange is they actually don’t have it on Coinbase. They also don’t have it on eToro, but they do have it in Robinhood of all places. So this is where I’ve bought and sold Dogecoin. And if your not using Robinhood currently you can check out our full review on them by clicking here.

Price History

Taking a look at Dogecoins price history can help us determine if its a good investment opportunity for 2021. It currently sits under one cent. That’s right not even a whole penny! The good news is that it does have quite a bit of room to go up. This coin has seen some pretty big pumps over the last year, but ultimately has come crashing down quick.

Price Prediction 2021

Best case scenario, I think 2021, we’ll see this coin get up to 2 cents, maybe 2.25 cents. That’s still a one hundred percent return from where it sits right now which is not bad at all. Just don’t believe some of the sites out there telling you its going to hit 1 dollar next year because that’s just not going to happen. However grabbing some of it at its current price levels of under one cent could end up giving you a good return.

Final Thoughts

So is Dogecoin a good investment for 2021? Well I wouldn’t put too much into it if it was me. However its always good to own a basket of different crypto’s as oppose to having just a couple of big holdings. Spreading yourself out is always a smart play in case anyone of your crypto coins comes crashing down. If you want to see some other solid crypto picks click here.

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