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Is Ethereum a Good Long Term Investment 2021?

So is Ethereum a good long term investment for 2021 that is the question. While most of the top altcoins have been on a tear for the last 6 months that does not guarantee Ethereum will keep rising. However I do have my own opinion on the matter, but remember this is not at all financial advice. You can currently find this coin on both the Binance US and eToro exchanges. Now lets get right into it.

Current Price Levels

I’ve been recommending Ethereum back when it was between $250 and $350 dollars. At this momement we sit at the $600 dollar mark. Percentage wise Ethereum is up 300% on the year, which is a lot. If you would’ve got this coin even just like two or three months ago, man, you could have got it a lot cheaper. Live and learn.

Where Is It Going In 2021?

At its all time high this coin was right around $1400 dollars. Can we get back to this level in 2021, I would have to say its definitely possible. This would represent close to a 3x return from where it’s currently at right now. I would obviously feel a lot more comfortable getting it in the $400 dollar range, but its impossible to know if it’s going to ever drop that low again.

Price Predictions

In the above video I pulled up They had some pretty reasonable forecasts for Ethereum for 2021. They’re basically giving prices between $700 dollars all the way up to like $1,500 dollars. That is pretty consistent with where I think it could go. While this is not financial advice I think we’ll see an Ethereum get anywhere from like $750 to $1,500 in 2021.

Where To Buy Ethereum?

If I had to choose one exchange to get started with it be Binance US. They are one of the biggest and most trusted exchanges in the world. You can buy, sell, and trade 50 plus crypto’s on their platform. They also have an amazing mobile app for making trades on the go. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

So is Ethereum a good long term investment for 2021? If your willing to hold this coin for upwards of 12 months I would definitely say yes it is. With Bitcoin starting to rip through its all time highs I would expect Ethereum to start charging upwards as well.


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