Is Inboxdollars Worth It?

If your wondering if Inboxdollars is worth it we don’t blame you. There are countless opinions online about the authenticity of this app. I am here to tell you however it 100 percent works. Its not exactly going to make you rich, but it can put an extra few hundred dollars a month in your account if used correctly. As we go over the benefits to using it be sure to check out our video review directly below.

Lets get right into the meat of it. To give you an exact dollar amount of what you can make monthly on here would be impossible. I can tell you from personal experience however that if you use the app daily you can make anywhere from $50 to $200 a month. If you look at our above video we even prove this as a fact.

So if your wondering if Inboxdollars is worth it we will now cover some of the ways you can earn. Essentially this is a points to cash app where you can do surveys, watch videos, play games, or refer friends. Definitely my personal favorite ways to earn are playing games and referrals. You would be surprised at how good the game selection on here is. I do have a few personal favorites.

Once you have hit the payment threshold which is currently $30 you can withdraw the money. You can opt in for check withdrawals which take around 8 days to process, or choose from an endless amount of gift card options. I have also been paid multiple times through this app with no issues whatsoever.

So if your wondering if Inboxdollars is worth it I would say for most people it is. Its free to create an account which you can do here, and lets you earn with little effort. Its not going to make you rich as we already pointed out, but it could cover some food bills.


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