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Is Iphone 11 Worth Getting?

by Fliptroniks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With a $700 entry price you might be asking if the Iphone 11 is worth getting. I’ve had a few weeks now to test this phone out against other top dogs like the XS Max and Note 10. With a sleek design that’s very similar to last years Iphone XR there is definitely a lot to love about the Iphone 11. As we get into some of the benefits to using this phone you can also take a shot at winning a free one here.

Design / Colors

The design on the Iphone 11 hasn’t changed much. It still sports an all glass design on both the front and back. It also comes in 6 different color options which are red, purple, black, white, green, and yellow. Having gone with red on last years Iphone XR I decided to stick with it.

  • All Glass Design
  • 6 Different Color Options


The Iphone 11’s screen is 6.1 inches. It has an all lcd display that looks great for playing games and watching video. You might be asking if the Iphone 11 is worth getting for this reason alone. I can tell you from having compared it to last years XR it is basically identical. The only real difference would be that the 11 is slightly louder when turned all the way up.

  • 6.1 Inch LCD Display
  • Great for Watching Video
  • Awesome for Mobile Gaming

Processor / Speed

This phone is slightly improved when it comes to speed with the upgraded Apple A13 chip. When it comes to gaming, download speeds, and watching video the phone is top notch. I’ve tried some of the highest graphic games on it like COD Mobile and it plays very smooth.

  • Apple A13 Chip
  • Plays High Graphic Games Smooth


The biggest change on this years Iphone 11 is its camera. You will notice the new dual camera system. It has 12mp ultra wide features for capturing more scenes. Its great for landscapes, travel, large interiors, and action shots. The Iphone 11 can also record in 60 fps on 1080p, and has a 12mp front facing camera for taking selfies.

  • New 12mp Dual Camera System
  • 12mp Front Facing Camera
  • Records In 60fps

Final Thoughts

So back to our main question of it the Iphone 11 is worth getting? Since it only costs $100 more than last years Iphone XR I would say its worth the upgrade. If your still on the fence you can check out some other great resources on the Iphone 11 here.


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