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Is Micro Stakes Poker Worth It?

by edward

For those of you wondering if micro stakes poker is worth it I have some bad news. I might get some flack for saying this, but I honestly believe playing low stakes online poker is a waste of your time. When I say low stakes I’m talking about any game that doesn’t at least have a buy in of $100 dollars. This would be the bare minimum I would even recommend starting at in today’s online poker climate. You have to understand that time is money, and if you take your time seriously you know it’s stupid to play $10 or even $20 dollar games.

What Is Micro Stakes Poker?

Micro stakes poker is any game with a relatively small buy in. For a cash game it might be as low as a $25 – $50 buy in table. For sit n go’s it could be a $10 or $20 dollar tournament table. The idea to playing these games is that you will play enough of them to eventually build up some kind of bankroll. I have to say its a bunch of bs, and your better off saving up enough money to play a stake that’s worth playing. My advice is to start at the $100 dollar games nothing less!

  • Games Under $100 Dollars
  • Idea Is To Play These Limits To Build Up a Bankroll

Gaining Experience In Micro Stakes Poker

One could make the argument that if your new to poker than playing micro stakes could be worth it. Once again I’m still not for this since you have players at these low stake games playing absolutely terrible. You will see people shoving all in the 8-6 off suit for no reason. That’s just the crap you deal with at the low stakes tables, and often times you still end up losing with the best hand.

  • Terrible Players At These Stakes
  • Often Times Play Like They Don’t Care

Mid Stakes Poker

As far as poker rooms go I would recommend playing on Ignition Poker. This has been my go to destination for the last 3 plus years. If you play a pretty tight aggressive game you will have no issues profiting on the $100 and $200 cash games on the platform. While I can’t guarantee you results its not that hard to accomplish as long as your not a bluffer fish. You know someone who bluffs all the time?

  • Games Above $100
  • Best Limits To Be Playing To Win Money

Final Thoughts

Please stay away from the micro poker stake games because they are simply not worth your time! If your still looking for a solid poker room to play at Ignition Poker is a great option. They’ve built up a great reputation, have lots of player traffic, and fast cash outs. You can grab a nice first time deposit bonus by clicking here.

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