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Is Mint Mobile Legit?

If you’re wondering if Mint Mobile is legit were here too help. First off if you’re trying to save money on your phone bill I don’t blame. Just last month I paid a whopping $75 on just one phone. There is nothing more sickening than getting that bill at the end of the month, and wondering why it keeps going up. It seems like every major phone provider figures out ways to squeeze us as much as possible. That is exactly why I love Mint Mobile.

In order to qualify your current phone over to Mint Mobile is must be gsm unlocked. They have a nifty imei checker on there actual website if your not sure. If you find out your phone is not unlocked you can still buy one directly from them as well. Here are some of the benefits to subscribing to there prepaid phone service

  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Bring Your Own Phone
  • 4G High Speed Data
  • Keep Your Current Number

I would say the fact you can keep your current number definitely makes Mint Mobile very legit. However the best thing about them is obviously there pricing. They have 3 different plan packages which run on a 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month. The cheapest pricing starts at only $15 a month, and goes as high as $25.

The longer subscription you opt into the cheaper the pricing gets. I would recommend you start off with the 3 month plan first to see if you actually like the service. You can than go for a longer plan later on.

So is Mint Mobile legit? Absolutely and I think its something everyone should try out. They are a great way to save money on hefty phone bills I know your already getting. If your still not convinced you can learn even more about them here.

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