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Is Moto G6 Worth Buying?

If your wondering if the Moto G6 is worth buying all we can do is give you the facts. In my honest opinion the G6 is easily the best $250 range phone we have seen so far this year. It has a 5.7 inch display, gorilla glass, 12mp back camera, and a processor that plays some of the highest graphic games smoothly. It has a very light weight design, and weighs in at around 5.5 ounces. As we go into more detail on this phone we will also have some live video below.

Upon first testing this phone out I tried some of the highest graphic games on the play store to see how it would perform. It did surprisingly well with only one flaw which was slower load times. With that aside if your wondering is the Moto G6 worth buying you really have to consider this phone costs roughly a 3rd of some of the most popular flagships currently out. Whether were talking about Samsung, LG, or Apple, every single one of there newest phones will run you over $650 with tax.

The G6 also has some great battery life on it. It has a 3000 mah built in battery that will last you almost a full day without needing a charge. I tested this myself and it definitely held its own. It also has an impressive 12 mp dual lens camera that takes some great photos, but will not shoot in 4k. Once again however its hard to complain due to the great price on this phone.

So to wrap things up if your wondering is the Moto G6 worth buying it 100 percent is. This is easily the best budget phone out now if your tight on money, and will be thoroughly amazed at how smooth it runs. If you want to opt in for the G6 Plus it will run about a hundred dollars more but its definitely not necessary.

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