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Is Moto G7 Worth Buying?

If your wondering if the Moto G7 is worth buying were here too help. For the last couple of years I have followed this Motorola series passionately. The G Series is a mid range budget friendly phone that has continued to improve year over. With the release of the G7 I was eager to test out its gaming performance, sound quality, and camera. As we get into the benefits to using this phone you can check out our video review directly below.

The Moto G7 comes with a nice looking 6.2 inch display. The phone is great for watching videos on youtube, or catching up on your favorite Netflix series. Holding the phone one handed is also pretty easy to do even if you don’t have the biggest hands.

Sound quality on this phone was a lot better than expected. Having tested it against some other flagship type phones I felt like it actually outpeformed the Galaxy S10 on loudness. This made it awesome when I finally started to play some games on it. If your wondering if the Moto G7 is worth buying you will be happy to know its also quite fast. The phone has a snapdragon 632 process which can run just about any high graphic game extremely well.

The camera on this phone has also had some improvements. It has a 12mp back camera with led flash, and some hdr options not on last years G6. The front facing camera is also really good for taking selfies at 8mp.

If your wondering if the Moto G7 is worth buying I can tell you it definitely is. As I already mentioned this has been one of my favorite mid range phones for the last couple of years now. It has a nice looking 6.2 inch lcd display, improved camera for recording video / taking pictures, and a battery life that will get you through a whole day. The phone sells for around $300 currently which you can check out here.

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