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Nokia 7.2 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

by Fliptroniks

If your wondering if the Nokia 7.2 is worth buying I can tell you they definitely stepped there game up with this one. Having personally bought just about every new Nokia phone over the last 2 years I can tell you this one is by far the best. The good news is that it’s very affordable at around $350. So lets get right into it.


The one thing I have to praise Nokia on is the design of this phone. They completely nailed it with the all glass front and back. You can see in our above video just how good it looks especially when holding it one handed. The front of the phone has gorilla glass which holds up well against finger print smudges and scratches.

  • All Glass Design
  • Gorilla Glass Screen
  • Feels Great To Hold One Handed

Screen Size

If your wondering if the Nokia 7.2 is worth buying based on its screen size you will be happy to know the 6.3 inch lcd display looks perfect. You will also get most of the display even though it has a slight notch at both the bottom and top. However after using the phone for a solid week I’ve barely noticed it. Both watching videos and playing games on this phone is solid.

  • 6.3 Inch LCD Display
  • Great for Watching Video
  • Notch Barely Noticable


While this phone has a slightly less powerful snapdragon 660 processor it can still keep up with the best of them. Having tested it out against other phones like the S10, Note 10, and Iphone 11 it can definitely hold its own. Speed might not be lightning fast, but you also have to remember this is a budget phone.

  • Snapdragon 660 Processor
  • Can Keep Up With The Best of Them


You will be surprised to find out the Nokia 7.2 has 4 camera’s. It has a 48mp, 12mp wide angle, and a 5mp depth sensor. The selfie camera on the front of the phone is an impressive 20mp. I was actually blown away with how good this phone is for taking pictures and recording video. I’d have to say your probably not going to find better right now for the price point.

  • 48mp Back Camera
  • 12mp Wide Angle Camera
  • 20mp Front Facing Camera

Closing Thoughts

Back to our main question of if the Nokia 7.2 is worth buying. I can tell you that Nokia continues to improve and innovate on both design and built in features. Since I think this is there best phone to release to date I will gladly tell you its worth its budget friendly price of $350. You can grab yours here.


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