Is Orchid Crypto a Good Investment In 2020?

Alright Orchid is one of those super undervalued cryptocurrencies no one is talking about. Which brings up the question is it a good investment in 2020? Well this is not financial advice, but I’ve had my eye on this coin for quite some time. Orchid is a cryptocurrency that’s main use is geared towards VPN’s. VPN’s stand for virtual private networks which give users more privacy and security on both mobile and desktop. It’s value proposition is unique in the fact that its the only crypto that has a VPN background.

What Is It Exactly?

Orchid is a global, decentralized network of VPN service providers. You use the OXT token to buy bandwidth on Orchid for private internet browsing, paying only for what you use. Essentially instead of going through one centralized VPN provider, every time you want to browse the internet privately and securely you log on to Orchid and are matched with a trusted and high-quality VPN provider.

Price History

When looking at if the Orchid crypto is a good investment in 2020 lets take a look at its price. Its all time high was recently reached at $1 before crashing down to the $.50 cent range. If you had bought in a couple of weeks ago you could have bought this coin for $.17 cents. Since it has a much smaller market compared to other coins the potential for its price to go up is a lot more likely from where its at.

Should You Buy It?

I believe if you were able to get Orchid in the price range of $.30-$.50 cents and hold it for upwards of a year you would come out way ahead. Clearly you would need to do your own research on this coin, but I believe its price will continue to appreciate in both the short and long term.

Bottom Line

While nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of cryptocurrency I like what this project is trying to accomplish. VPN’s are becoming essential in todays world, and Orchids value proposition is very unique. This coin is also some what of a hidden gem since not a lot of people have heard of it.

Bonus Tip

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