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Is Pop Slots Legit?

If your wondering if Pop Slots is legit were here too help. As far as a slot game goes this one stays in its own league. This game takes you into the Las Vegas lifestyle with the ability to walk around the MGM Grand in your own custom avatar. You can literally walk around and up to different slot games. This gives the game a superior vibe to some of the other slot offerings on both the app / play store. Since this game is free for download you can get started with it right away here.

If you consider yourself a slot fiend you will love the overall theme of this game. Being able to create your own avatar gives it a more personal touch. You can also create your own screen name as well.

What makes the Pop Slots app legit is that you can win real rewards and prizes on it. I need to be clear however that this app does not let you play for real money. You can however win free hotel stays, restaurant vouchers, and tickets to entertainment events. All of this of course being in Las Vegas.

While you might be thinking this is another one of those spam type slot apps filled with ads you’d be completely mistaken. I’ve found this to be one of the most refreshing slot apps I’ve ever played. In order to unlock most of the bigger prizes and rewards you will have to play till around level 20. Each time you do a pull on a slot game within the app you have a chance to continue leveling up. This also makes it extremely fun and addictive.

If your looking for a way to earn real Vegas rewards from the comfort of your living room Pop Slots is definitely legit. You can also see some additional resources on this game here.

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