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Is Samsung Galaxy S10 Worth Buying?

If your wondering if the Samsung Galaxy S10 is worth buying I can tell you its quite impressive. Over the last couple of years Samsung has been somewhat lazy to update the overall look of there phones. Finally with the S10 we were given a near perfect display, an upgraded camera, and a great phone for gaming. Basically its the phone we have been waiting for.


As you would expect Samsung has stayed true to there all glass design. The front screen has corning gorilla glass 6 which I’m definitely a fan of. The thing about gorilla glass is that it tends to hold up well against scratches and finger print smudges. I would however still recommend grabbing a case for the phone upon purchasing it.

  • Gorilla Glass 6
  • Holds Up Well Against Fingerprints
  • Should Still Use a Case


The first thing we have to cover is the upgraded no notch Dynamic AMOLED display. This is easily the best looking display we have ever seen on a Samsung phone and it shows. You will also notice a perfect punch hole cutout on the front of the screen. It is for the front facing camera that blends perfectly on this phone, and is at times hardly even noticeable. If your wondering if the Samsung Galaxy S10 is worth buying I can tell you that watching videos and playing games on it is pretty darn spectacular. This is the perfect phone for catching up on a Netflix show.

  • Dynamic Oled Display
  • 6.1 Inches
  • No Notch
  • 1440 x 3040 Pixel Resolution


When it comes to taking pictures you can also expect one of the best Samsung cameras of all time. The triple lens back camera goes up to a 16mp, and has some incredible zoom features for close up shots. The video recording technology on this phone has also greatly improved since last years release. Basically this is an Instagram lovers dream phone. You can shoot in both 1080 and 4k for recording video.

  • 16mp Back Camera
  • 10 mp Front Camera
  • Optical Zoom
  • 1080 / 4K Video Recording


If your still wondering if the Samsung Galaxy S10 is worth buying its also great for gaming. You can see in our above video some of the live game play on it with its Snapdragon 855 processor. Even after a long gaming session the phone did not overheat nor did the battery drain much. As a matter of fact the battery life on this phone is more than solid.

  • Snapdragon 855 Processor
  • Extremely Fast
  • Plays High Graphic Games Smooth
  • Solid Battery Life

With some closing comments for anyone wondering if the Samsung Galaxy S10 is worth buying its definitely worth grabbing. The phone has an amazing 6.1 Dynamic AMOLED display, takes some incredible pictures, and is great for gaming. This really is the Samsung phone update we had been waiting for. You can check out the latest pricing on it here.

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