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Is Zynga Poker Rigged?

by Fliptroniks
Is Zynga Poker Rigged

Zynga Poker is a social poker gaming platform that began on Facebook as a source of entertainment for gamblers interested in playing Texas Hold’em Poker online for free. Today, the solution is available on mobile devices and Facebook and accessible through other gambling platforms.

Zynga poker doesn’t only offer Texas Hold’em game play but gives players access to some limited slots and a few additional table games and provides players with casual poker tables, more serious cash tables (using play money), and regular tournaments.

This is a casual poker site optimized to deliver entertainment to casual gamblers who love poker and poker-related games. However, as a casual player myself I’ve often wondered if they are in fact a rigged. Let’s take a closer look.

Is it Rigged?

Is Zynga Poker Rigged

There is no doubt that they are highly popular, but that doesn’t guarantee it’s fair. There’s always the possibility that the site is rigged and that gambling on it will give you an unenjoyable experience.

There are some very real reasons for and against the possibility they could be rigged. Consider the evidence and decide whether to join or not after.

Why Zynga Poker May Be Rigged

While they’ve been around for nearly a decade, there’s still a possibility that this social gambling site is rigged. There are far too many stories about gamblers being beaten by fake players, about huge losing streaks, and other unfortunate events that point toward a rigged system.

  • Hundreds of players claim the site is rigged.
  • Customer support is unhelpful.
  • Zynga benefits from a rigged system
  • Chip resellers exist on the platform.
  • Accounts have been reset or erased.

There are hundreds of stories across the internet of players claiming Zynga poker loads its tables with bots that have unfair hands and that cheat. It’s impossible to verify these stories as true, but it’s odd that so many gamblers claim similar issues. The negative reviews from so many individuals force us to consider that they may be rigged.

They also sell huge numbers of chips and players claim that losses occur more rapidly over time. While it’s possible that gamblers naturally lose at a greater rate over time as they graduate to more expensive tables and tournaments, it’s odd that so many gamblers have the same stories about unfair practices.

There are chip resellers floating around Zynga, suggesting the site doesn’t only have real and fair players using it. There is also some proof online that gamblers have had their accounts frozen or erased after playing for an extended period.

While there are many convincing stories about them being unfair, there isn’t any concrete proof and there are other gamblers who have had positive experiences on the platform. We cannot say that they are 100% rigged, but we also can’t say that it’s safe and legitimate for users.

Why They May Not Be Rigged

Is Zynga Poker Rigged

Many gamblers believe Zynga Poker is rigged, but we have at least a few good reasons why it might not be. Some are subjective, and others are based on strong evidence. We’ll break them all down below, giving you a clear idea of why they may be a fair platform for interested social gamblers.

  • Gaming Labs Certified
  • A Normal Experience During Testing
  • Zynga can be completely free.
  • Some players have amassed large piles of chips.
  • Unhappy gamblers leave reviews more often.

Gaming Laboratories International is the leading game testing company used to verify online casinos around the world. Gaming Labs testing is good enough for most real-money casinos to verify they’re offering a fair play experience.

Zynga utilizes this same testing program, giving gamblers reassurance that the poker games and other services offered are random and fair. This certification should put most gamblers at ease when considering whether they should join or not.

We spent time testing them and had a reasonably good experience on the platform. Our personal experience with Zynga makes it easy to conclude that the site isn’t necessarily rigged, even though we had a few losses with gamblers getting lucky on the river. We’ve tested many poker platforms and doesn’t feel any less fair than the others.

While many gamblers who use the platform complain about the site being unfair, it’s possible that many of the complaints come from gamblers who just got unlucky. Players with powerful hands lose to lucky draws all the time, and at least a portion of the angry complaints directed against them could be from gamblers who just got unlucky.

Is Zynga Poker Rigged

The app enables players to experience its games for free and enables gamblers to spin for more free chips daily. Through this mechanism, it’s possible to play online poker and other games through Zynga without ever spending any money on the platform.

Most gamblers complain about losing their money quickly and resorting to spending real cash to continue playing, but for gamblers who are willing to stop gambling once out of free chips, it’s possible to enjoy them for free without ever losing real money to the site.

Another real possibility worth considering when reviewing the feedback left by previous gamblers is that happy players rarely leave reviews, while upset gamblers are significantly more likely to leave behind feedback.

While it appears that the majority of gamblers playing here believe the site is a scam, it could be that only a small portion of players are having a poor experience and other gamblers are happy with their time spent playing here.

Pros and Cons

Is Zynga Poker Rigged

Zynga Poker is an entertaining gambling platform that’s good for players who want to experience poker, rummy, and some other limited casino games online for free. We cannot recommend it to everyone, but you can decide if the site is appealing to you based on its pros and cons.


  • They free to use and gives gamblers access to poker, rummy, slots, and more. You can unlock free chips daily, and as a player on the site, you can rank up, compete in tournaments, and try to amass a huge bankroll of chips.
  • For those gamblers who are interested in playing without taking a break, it’s possible to purchase additional chips to play with, and the site offers real watches and rings in some of its contests. The site is optimized for online entertainment and can be enjoyed via Facebook or most mobile devices today.


  • While they have much to offer, it lacks the same variety of games and features that most online casinos have. It’s best to join this site if you are interested in Texas Hold’em poker or Rummy specifically.
  • While the app offers free chips to its gamblers, most complain about losing their chips rapidly and being forced with the decision to purchase more chips to avoid waiting. If you want to play on the site for extended periods, you may have to purchase some extra chips.
  • Another very real con of the site is that most poker players take unnecessary risks and go all-in regularly because they aren’t playing with real money. No real money wins can be achieved through the site, and there is the potential issue that the site is rigged and you’ll lose your money so frequently that you must purchase chips to enjoy yourself on the platform.
  • Fortunately, most of the cons are easy to test, and you can try the platform for free to decide if it’s right for you. Still, they are an interesting gambling platform, but it’s only one of many. If you’re tired of social gambling and would like to try real-money gameplay, there are many different real-money apps available to try today.

Top 3 Real Money Apps to Try

  1. Ignition Poker – Read Review
  2. Bovada Poker – Read Review
  3. BetOnline Poker – Read Review

Zynga Poker works for play-money gambling, but you must use a different service to wager with real money. Learn about the best three real money poker apps to try today. Each is good for different reasons and should be considered.

1. Ignition Poker

Is Zynga Poker Rigged

Ignition Poker is one of the most well-known online gambling sites available to US players and gamblers around the world. This online poker room first opened in 2016 and quickly grew into a powerful gambling force for online poker.

Ignition is well-known for its excellent customer support and for delivering some of the best promotions available to poker players today.


Ignition Poker isn’t the only good online poker room, but there are some seriously good benefits to playing on the platform.

  • No download is necessary to play
  • Works well on mobile
  • Withdrawals are fast and easy
  • Excellent promotions

Once you create an account at Ignition you’re free to begin gambling without waiting. You don’t need to download software to use the online poker room. Ignition loads in web browsers on mobile devices and full computers. Most new players are impressed by all the different promotions offered by Ignition and new offers are added regularly.

We recommend Ignition because the site has a huge variety of tournaments with guaranteed prizes. More than $1.5 million in tournament prizes are paid out weekly, and serious poker players have countless opportunities to win big.

There are even some freeroll tournaments available through the site, giving committed players the opportunity to play for more prizes without risking money in the process. Withdrawals are fast through the site, especially if you’re using a cryptocurrency, and you’ll enjoy top-grade customer support as you play on the site.


Ignition doesn’t only offer benefits to its players. There are real drawbacks to using the gambling site.

  • Poor rakeback offers
  • Deposits are required to view the table options

The graphics used for Ignition’s poker rooms are beautiful, but they can also make loading into a table a slow process for users without an excellent internet connection. If you have a slower internet service you’ll struggle to enjoy your time at this online poker room.

These graphical issues can also make playing on mobile devices slow and cumbersome for some users. This is why it’s important to try and test Ignition as much as possible before risking a significant amount of money playing there.

Ignition rarely offers any rakeback deals and doesn’t offer the best value when it comes to online poker rooms. There are other sites that are more generous and that make it easier for gamblers to get their money back while playing. Finally, Ignition is highly limited before you make a real money deposit into your account.

You cannot test different games for free and you aren’t able to see what the different poker table options are without money in your account. If you aren’t sure about the platform you will have to risk some money to learn everything the site has to offer you.

Overall, Ignition is excellent for new players who want someplace they can join and play on quickly. It delivers impressive mobile support, and has some of the best online tournaments, as long as you have an internet connection that’s strong enough to run the games well.

2. Bovada Poker

Is Zynga Poker Rigged

Bovada Poker is one of the oldest online poker rooms that still exists today. The platform got its start in 2011 and has been running ever since. They only operates for players in the United States, but it once offered its services to other select countries as well.

Bovada is known for being lightweight and simple to use, and the poker room offers gamblers a wealth of different gaming options. The poker room isn’t perfect, however, and instead offers a mix of good and bad characteristics that interested gamblers should understand.


They are an excellent gambling network for players interested in online poker, but it isn’t our top recommendation for everyone. There are serious benefits to playing at here, but the benefits will only matter to some gamblers.

  • A large player pool for more game options
  • Huge variety of cash games and tournaments
  • Offers anonymous poker tables
  • Fast and simple software
  • An excellent tiered loyalty program

Bovada is a lightweight poker room that enables gamblers to play without significant wait times. It works on most mobile devices and can be played on iOS, Android, and PC with minimal issues.

We love the lightweight feel offers, but even more than that we like its anonymous poker tables and the massive poker room selection. The site also offers a valuable tiered loyalty program that grows better the longer you remain a member. There are many different tournaments and a continual blend of cash tables to select from as a gambler at the site.


Bovada is not perfect and although the poker room offers players an excellent experience, it has some issues as well.

  • Limited bonuses for long-term players
  • No demo mode option

As a member of here over time you’ll note there are limited bonus opportunities. Some new bonuses are added over time, but not very many. They also lacks a demo mode, making it impossible for gamblers to test features for free.

You must risk money to get a feel for them, which means you might pay to play at a poker room you don’t enjoy. Finally, Bovada doesn’t allow gamblers to withdraw winnings monthly. A free withdrawal is only available once every 90 days. If you want to take money out of your account more often than that you must pay a fee to do so.

3. BetOnline Poker

is zynga poker rigged

BetOnline is one of the oldest casinos online today, though it didn’t offer poker initially. The casino opened for business in 1999 serving as a sports book and casino, but it didn’t offer poker until 2011, 12 years after its opening day.

Today BetOnline Poker is a full-featured service utilizing custom software, and connecting gamblers throughout the Chico Poker Network for excellent gaming opportunities. The site offers tournaments, cash tables, and Sit n Go events. It’s a capable online poker room that we recommend to gamblers, though it’s only going to be right for some players. Find out about the site’s pros and cons and learn if it fits your needs.


They are n established poker room with a huge range of features and benefits.

  • Excellent traffic and game selection
  • Simple navigation
  • Some 9-player tables
  • Compatible with most mobile devices
  • Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Navigating around the platform is simple for anyone familiar with the site. The custom software used for the poker room is fast and efficient and works on mobile devices without requiring an app download.

We were excited to see that some tables accept 9 players for gamblers who want access to larger pots. The poker room also works with most cryptocurrency payment methods while still supporting other payment tools. These benefits help BetOnline stand out from the other poker rooms available today, making it one of the best mobile poker apps available.


We found it difficult to locate many cons for BetOnline Poker. The site provides an excellent variety of game types and a solid mobile experience. There are some negatives that come with playing on the site though.

  • Card deposits come with fees
  • Modest bonuses
  • No loyalty program

The largest drawback to playing here is its lack of large bonuses. Most offers available on the site are small and have a lower match percentage than what’s available at other poker rooms. Other than a lack of strong promotions, the poker room also lacks a loyalty program, making it difficult to benefit from perks over time. We were also surprised to see that the site charges fees for card deposits, which isn’t typical for an online poker room.

If you can look past those flaws, this a powerful gambling site with excellent cash games, tournaments, and random drawings that make it an interesting place to play.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in social gambling and free poker game play, Zynga seems like a worthwhile site to join and play on. We cannot conclusively say the poker room isn’t rigged, and while there are many complaints, there are also gamblers who enjoy their time playing here.

The free poker room is simple to join, available on many platforms, and something that most players in the United States can enjoy.

If you’re interested in playing for real money, rather than social poker, the three apps mentioned above are excellent options.

Ignition Poker is excellent for its promotions and rapid withdrawals, Bovada delivers a valuable loyalty program, and anonymous poker tables and BetOnline is an excellent site for low-stakes players and gamblers interested in 9-player tables.

No matter how you want to enjoy poker, there are excellent online poker options available for you to experiment with. Test some of the sites listed in this review and form your own opinions about their features and your overall play experience.

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