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Mint Mobile for Iphone Review

Using Mint Mobile on your iphone will definitely save you money long term. For most people hefty phone bills that come in at the end of the month always suck. Mint is a prepaid phone service that sells 3 different bulk packages. Those being 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The longer you subscribe the cheaper the pricing you get. After using them for a couple of months I have already saved myself quite a bit of money on my Sprint bill. As we get into some of the benefits to using them you can learn even more about them here.

To qualify for using Mint Mobile your iphone must be gsm unlocked. This is obviously something you will need to check which you can also do on there website. As far as some of the benefits to using Mint this is what you can expect

  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • 4G LTE High Speed Data
  • Keep Your Current Number
  • Free Sim Card

You will be able to keep your current number which will make the transfer over very convenient. They also allow you to purchase phones directly through them, but if your already have an iphone I see no point in going that route.

As we mentioned earlier you will be able to choose from 3 different pricing packages. You can opt into the 3 month plan, a 6 month plan, and a 12 month plan. The basic starting plan is only $15 a month which is the one I would go with. If you end up finding that you enjoy using phone service you can opt in for the yearly option later on.

Coming from someone who has been paying a $75-$95 monthly Sprint bill my wallet has enjoyed the switch over. Using Mint Mobile on your iphone is something I would recommend everyone subscribe too. Because it sucks paying a big phone monthly phone bill!

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