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Most Secure Bitcoin Wallet for Iphone

by edward

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If your looking for the most secure Bitcoin wallet for your Iphone we highly recommend Coinbase. Obviously keeping money in any online account can feel uneasy for anyone. This is especially true if you plan on dumping a significant amount of money into a new account. Fortunately Coinbase is highly reputable having been in business now for close to a decade, and they insure each user who signs up with them up to 250k. It actually gets better than that which we will explain in detail further in this article. For right now lets break down what makes them so freaking secure.

Who Are They?

Clearly when looking for the most secure Bitcoin wallet for your Iphone you want to know who the company is. Coinbase has impressive credentials servicing over 30 million plus members worldwide, and has done billions in transactions. They are currently based out of California making them a US based company. If you search any online message board online your not going to find many if any complaints. The reason for it is simply there just that freaking good!

  • Almost a Decade In Business
  • 30 Million Plus Members
  • Billions In Transactions

How Secure Is Your Money

For those looking for the most secure Bitcoin wallet for Iphone Coinbase keeps 98 percent of customer funds in cold storage. What this means is that funds are kept offline so that know one can hack or get your money. They also distribute Bitcoin geographically in safe deposit boxes and vaults around the world. As a precaution they even insure each user up to 250k. They also make you use 2 step verification on all accounts using your mobile phone. Bottom line your money is secure.

  • 98 Percent Of Funds Are Kept In Cold Storage
  • They Insure Each User Up To 250k
  • 2 Step Verification Using Your Mobile Phone

Coins Available

As of right now you can buy and invest in 20 different crypto coins. These include Bitcoin, XRP, BAT, Ethereum, and Litecoin just to name a few. You can check the picture directly below for reference. Even if you haven’t heard of some of these coins they all play a role in crypto right now. It might be a good idea to do a little research before the next bull run happens.

  • Bitcoin
  • XRP
  • And Many More


Whether you plan on trading coins frequently or investing for the long term Coinbase is an amazing platform for both. You will need to connect a checking account or debit card to fund your account. Once that’s done you can start to buy some crypto. You can pull up graphs for each coin which are actually pretty intuitive. The graphs allow you to pull up price histories up to the last hour. Underneath you can check out things like volume, trading activity, news, and average hold time.

  • Easy Options To Fund Account
  • Fast Withdrawal Methods
  • User Friendly Charting for Each Coin


Not only is this the most secure Bitcoin wallet to use on your Iphone but the mobile app is insane. You can login at anytime of the day to check your portfolio. Placing buy and sell orders takes seconds to complete. You can also set notifications for news on any coin you own, and be notified for any price alerts. Each time you use your phone you will be given a pin-code to enter to keep your account secure.

  • Amazing Mobile App
  • Easy to Buy & Sell On Your Phone
  • Notifications For Price Alerts & News


Coinbase fee’s are minimal making it a great place to purchase anyone of the 20 plus coins on the platform. As long as your purchasing over $100 worth of crypto the chart below is what you will be paying. Anything under $100 Coinbase uses a flat $2.99 fee. It’s likely you will want to put at least a few hundred to a thousand dollars in an account anyways so I wouldn’t be concerned with fee’s when using them.

  • Fee’s Are Minimal
  • $2.99 for Any Purchases Under $100
  • Recommended To Start With At-least a Few Hundred Dollars

Final Thoughts

For those you looking for the most secure Bitcoin wallet to use on your Iphone we highly recommend using Coinbase. They insure each user on there platform up to 250k, and keep 98 percent of customer funds in cold storage. It also helps that they’ve built a great reputation among-st the crypto community for close to a decade. This is the perfect place for anyone to start there crypto journey. You can get started with them by clicking here.


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