Moto G6 Gaming Review

We chose to go with a couple of the best mobile games currently in our Moto G6 gaming review. First off this phone is pretty amazing for the price point of around $300 currently. Having checked out the last couple of years editions the G6 once again raised the bar for overall great performance. The two games we chose to show case on this phone were both Tekken and Shadowgun Legends. Since these are two of the best high graphic games on the play store it only made sense. We will have some live video below you can check out as we cover some of the benefits to using this phone.

1. When it comes to gaming on the Moto G6 I found load times to be a bit slower on these bigger file games, but once they started it was a smooth ride all the way through. Spec wise this phone has a very nice 5.7 inch display, and a Octa-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 cpu.

2. The display on this phone is made with gorilla glass 3, and has a 1080 panel which looks gorgeous. Upon playing some of Tekken you could clearly see how much this phone really shines with bright and vibrant colors. Shadowgun also looked great and is currently my favorite first person shooter to come out this year.

3. One last thing worth pointing out is that when gaming on the Moto G6 you can expect to get some really good battery life. This phone has a 3000 mah battery that will have no issues getting you through almost an entire day before needing to be re charge.

With some closing comments on our Moto G6 Gaming review we definitely think this phone is impressive for the price point of around $300. It plays these games just as good as any high end flag ship from Samsung or Apple. You can check the Moto G6 out here, but also don’t forget to watch some of our live game play on it above as well.

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