Mr Future Ninja Iphone / IOS App Review

The mr future ninja iphone / ios app is an action puzzle game. The plot of the game is that your ninja clan has been kidnapped by an evil corporation, and now you must get them back by being stealthy through a big sky scraper building. I actually enjoy these types of games that are not just straight puzzle, but also throw in some action or in this case sword swinging. After you play this for a couple of minutes you will realize there is a bit of a learning curve to it. I would put the difficulty level on this game at a medium, but even with that said its still a lot of fun.

The mr future ninja iphone / ios app also looks amazing visually. Each level is very nicely themed with bright colors and backgrounds. This is something you will notice right off the bat. Another thing I like about this game is that the controls are spot, it has a good sound track, and its also challenging. As we already mentioned this game is definitely for those who enjoy a good puzzle game. Its by no means easy but its all in good fun. The mr future ninja iphone / ios app is currently going as a paid app. If you enjoy a good puzzle strategy type of game with a ninja theme then definitely give this one a download. Also don’t forget to subscribe to us on youtube as well.

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