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NBA 2K18 Mobile App Review

In our NBA 2k18 Mobile App review we will be highlighting some of the many reasons this is the best version ever released. Having played these games on mobile for many years it seems that something is always missing. For example the game always looks amazing visually, but often times players might be laggy, shooting might not be easy, or worse controls are completely off. In this years edition however it seems everything that was once wrong is now fixed.

1. The first thing we want to go over is how amazing this game looks. This to date is easily the most realistic looking mobile basketball game. It has some of the best replays you will ever see, and there are also some great end of game recaps to check out as well.

2. Another great thing about NBA 2K18 Mobile are the different game play modes. We absolutely recommend starting a career in this game which will also allow you to create your own character. There is also a game play mode called blacktop which will allow you to play 1 on 1 which is pretty cool.

3. This game also has one of the best sound tracks of any game on it. Lots of great artists adding tracks to this game which also makes it much more enjoyable to play. This is especially true when your playing black top mode.

4. The last thing we love about NBA 2K18 Mobile is how great playing both offense and defense is. Transitioning from either is very fluid as is switching players. You will be able to really get the hang of it within a few minutes of playing.

In our opinion this is the best 2k version ever released on mobile. NBA 2K 18 is a must download especially for anyone who loves basketball. You can also check out some of the live game play we have below as well.

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