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Nintendo Switch Won’t Charge Fix

by Fliptroniks

If your Nintendo Switch won’t charge we have some tips and fixes to get the problem taken care of. There is nothing worse then wanting to get a gaming session in, but find out that you can’t even charge your console. I have been there my friends, and since there is a pretty wide variety of reasons this might be happening we will go over as many scenarios as possible until we fix the issue. It’s also pretty awesome how you can use this is a mobile gaming unit, in table top mode, and as a console with your tv. If your not currently using mobile charger like this power bank its also a good idea to invest in one since it will give you the ability to charge on the go. Also be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more tech tips if you haven’t already. So if your Nintendo Switch won’t charge your going to want to first

1. Check the charger your using as well as the usb cord. Try plugging that particular charger and cord into multiple outlets to find out if its your cord or the outlet

2. Another thing you will want to check for is that nothing is blocking the connection such as dust or other corrosion that might be in your Nintendo Switch. Overtime is pretty common for these types of things to build up so use your phone as a flash light to take a peak inside. If that’s the case try blowing as much of it out as possible. Don’t try and stick anything in there however since you could end up ruining the port

3. If your Nintendo Switch still wont charge then try doing an update on it which can fix any bugs or glitches it might be having

4. The last thing I would say is that there is a chance it is overheating. Anytime this console has been on for too long it starts to act up so try leaving it off for a good 5-10 minutes to see if that helps

These are just some of the things you can try if your Nintendo Switch won’t charge, but should fix it in no time. If your still having problems you can always try calling Nintendo’s support team to help you trouble shoot the problem further. Also look into getting a portable charger, or even a nice case for your switch if your not already using one. Definitely subscribe to us on youtube here as well since we would greatly appreciate it!

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