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Nokia 7.1 Review 2019

If your looking for an awesome unlocked android phone in 2019 the Nokia 7.1 is where its at. It is one of my personal favorite phones right now that sells for around $300. It has a gorgeous design and even comes in a pretty slick looking box. We will have a video review you can check out below as we get into the specs and benefits to using it.

While you might think of Nokia as an outdated phone maker its clear things are changing. They have been releasing mid range priced phones for the last couple of years now that can easily be compared to what Samsung has to offer. With a much lower price point of course. The Nokia 7.1 is the perfect android phone to use in 2019 that comes with a 5.8 lcd display, snapdragon 636 processor, and a nice 12mp back camera.

We have tested out some of the highest graphic games on it all of which ran smoothly. It has a nice front / back glass and aluminum design. Its also relatively light weight to carry around at a little under 6 ounces. This is basically a beautiful phone packed with some great android one software. You can also check out some of the game play with it on our above video.

With some closing comments on our Nokia 7.1 review 2019 I think this is the perfect phone for anyone on a budget. It has a beautiful glass / aluminum design, a 5.8 lcd display, a 12mp back camera, and a snapdragon 636 processor. It also has 64gb of internal storage, and a battery life that can get you through a full day. Its also clear Nokia will continue making an impact in the near future with these awesome mid range priced phones. The Nokia 7.1 is a big win for anyone looking for a great unlocked android phone at an affordable price.

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