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NordVPN for Iphone X/8/8 Plus/7 Review

NordVPN for iphone x/8/8plus/7 is a great service for keeping your location hidden. If your in need of a reliable vpn it usually has to do with wanting more privacy, being able to download movies and torrents without your service provider flagging you, or the ability to access restricted websites not available in your country. Whatever the reason being subscribed to a service like this is becoming a must at all times. We will have some live video you can check out below, or you can head straight over to NordVPN and get your account started.

One of the best things about using NordVPN for iphone x/8/8plus/7 is the user friendly interface for Geo location targeting. Once logged in you can connect to just about any continent in the world. You can do this by using the open world map feature, or browse the list of available options for quick connectivity. Once you have chosen a location you can then go to google and type in “what is my location” to make sure that it is working. You should also see a VPN prompt come up in the top right hand corner of your iphone as well.

The best part about using NordVPN for iphone x/8/8plus/7 is the online freedom you will have without censorship or surveillance. You can stream / download whatever you want, connect to different locations worldwide, and have all the privacy you will ever need.

When your logged in and ready to connect you will be sent through a list of there remote servers. Once connected all of your confidential information won’t ever be logged, monitored or exposed and intercepted by third parties

With some closing comments on our NordVPN for iphone x/8/8plus/7 review we absolutely think using this type of service is a must at all times. It is currently a paid service that runs for around $11 a month. I tend to look at it like a Netflix subscription since you really can’t put a price on safety and privacy in a world of constant online theft and hacking. You can check NordVPN out here, but also don’t forget to watch out live video above!

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