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Orion Slot Game Review

Slots are an excellent way to kill some time, all while earning your chance at some valuable winnings. Better yet, there are a wide variety of games available and they each come with their own unique theme — ensuring there’s a game designed to pique anyone and everyone’s interest.

For those that share a deep love of Greek mythology, we’ve got a game to add to your bucket list — Orion. Designed and built by Genesis Gaming, Orion is a five-reel, four-column slot with 50 pay lines and a semi-volatility. It features both wilds and free games for added excitement.

Available on some of your favorite online platforms, including Bovada, Slots.LV, Orion has a fresh look and feel to it, and combines that with a Greek style and exciting animations that bring the slot reels to life. It’s definitely a can’t-miss game for any Greek lover.

Theme for Orion Slot Game

As you can likely imagine, the entire theme around Genesis Gaming’s Orion follows none other than Orion himself. The background features a starry night that screams astrology and the reels are separated by beautiful, white Greek columns — including two larger columns on the ends.

The Greek architecture continues at the top of the screen, which is where you see the columns come together to support a much larger structure — similar to a Greek temple. In the middle, the word ‘Orion’ is highlighted by a glowing gold light. It’s quite the symbolic and iconic slot setup. While there’s no continuous background music, you do get music while the reels spin — as well as during wins. While the music doesn’t 100% resemble Ancient Greek instruments, it’s fairly similar. Once the reels stop spinning, however, the music stops and you’re left with silence.

Unique In-Game Icons

According to Greek mythology, Orion was the son of Poseidon and was a famous hunter. He spent most of his time with his hunting companion, Artemis, and his dogs. He later died from a scorpion’s sting. Upon his death, Zeus honored him with the Orion constellation in the sky.

Now that you know the story of Orion, it’ll make more sense as to why Genesis Gaming chose the in-game icons they chose — which feature Orion, Artemis, two dogs, a scorpion, a wild, a scatter, and the typical A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 symbols — which have the lowest payouts of all.

How To Trigger Bonuses & Wilds

Outside of the symbols listed above, there are two symbols you want to keep an eye out for — wilds and scatters. The wilds are important because they can substitute for any other symbol throughout the game, except the scatter symbol — whether you’re in a bonus or not!

The scatters are important because they can trigger the Free Spin bonus. All you need to do is get three scatters in a single spin to trigger the Free Spin bonus. To add suspense, the reels slow down once you get two scatters. Once you get that third one, you’ll earn eight free spins.

During the Free Spin bonus, all payouts are the same. The main difference here is the sliding wilds, a feature that ensures you get a full row of wilds anytime you get at least one wild on that row. You can also earn eight more free spins by getting three more scatters during the bonus.

Where Can You Play Orion?

There are plenty of platforms that are hosting Genesis Gaming’s Orion slot game, but none of them compare to what Bovada has to offer. Orion is currently being featured as one of the newest games to hit their platform and users are already flocking over to test their luck at it!

Benefits of Playing On Bovada

Bovada is one of the most trusted and reliable online casinos in the United States, and for good reason. It’s easy to sign up, they make it extremely easy to deposit or withdraw funds, and they have a wide variety of games to enjoy — including card games, slots, and even a sportsbook.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits you receive when playing on Bovada:

  • Can be played on both desktop and mobile
  • Easy to deposit and withdraw funds, plenty of options for both
  • Fast payments, you won’t have to sit around and wait for your money
  • Fast, friendly, and helpful support with live chat options
  • Plenty of variety, including over 150 different slot games
  • Casino, race book, and sportsbook all in the same place
  • Generous welcome bonuses and promotions
  • High reputation for being a reliable online casino source

Whether you’ve been wanting to try out Genesis Gaming’s Orion slot game or are interested in any other slot game they have to offer — which there are a ton of — Bovada is the place to be. If you’re a new user to the platform, make sure you take advantage of those welcome bonuses!

Bovada $1000 Casino Bonus

Final Thoughts

With so many different slot games and themes available today, there aren’t many that follow through with the Greek theme like Genesis Gaming’s Orion. It follows the story of Orion and gives you an opportunity to hunt for those winnings the same way Orion hunted with his dogs.

Although Orion is one with the stars since his death thousands of years ago, you can relive his memory with one of the hottest new slot games on the Bovada platform. If you would like to play it now click here.

Other Places To Play Orion – Slots lv

Aside from Bovada, we recommend Slots.LV. They always have generous welcome bonuses and are always running exciting new promotions to give players that extra incentive when signing up and playing slot games. You can learn more about them here.


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