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Otterbox Commuter Case for Iphone 12 Review

by edward

The Otterbox Commuter has always been one of my favorite cases for any Iphone. As of right now you can pick this case up in four different colors for the Iphone 12. Those colors of course being black, blue, ocean way, and pink. Having purchased a blue Iphone 12 I was planning on going with a blue Commuter Case. Unfortunately they were sold out at the time so I decided to go with the ocean way. By no means was this a bad thing as the case looks beautiful as you can see in our below video.


The Otterbox Commuter has always been a two piece case. When you snap it on your Iphone it has an inner tpu and a hard shell that goes over it. Its sometimes hard to notice that its two piece when your looking at stock photos. Putting it on takes about ten seconds at most, and once on your good to go.


This case has always been one of the best for drop protection. It’s not as a big and bulky as the Defender, or as slim as the Symmetry Series. Its the perfect in between that will protect your phone from every angle, and also look stylish while doing it.


The Otterbox Commuter sells for around $40. These cases always sell for mid range prices because you get your moneys worth. I personally still own Commuter Series cases for my Iphone 7 that are still in perfect condition. So yes this case will probably out last the life of your Iphone.

Final Thoughts

The Otterbox Commuter Case for Iphone 12 is a personal favorite. I always pick one of these up for any new phone I get. I imagine the tradition will go on for quite some time. It has a stylish design, provides great protection, and even comes with a warranty. I highly reccomend grabbing one of these which you can do by clicking here.

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