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Otterbox Commuter Case For Iphone 7 / Iphone 7 Plus Aqua

by Fliptroniks

The otterbox commuter case for iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus is one slick looking case. The commuter is one of my favorite mainly because it provides great protection without the bulkiness of the defender series. It also has the cool apple logo cut out on the back of it as well. Probably one of the most important aspects of this case is that the aqua color looks sick, but we also really like this one in blue as well. Below we will mention some of the benefits to going with this otterbox commuter.

1. The first thing we would like to point out is that this case is extremely fashionable. It has a very slick build and design, and as we mentioned a nice apple logo cut out. Its also great for gripping, and makes for a nice daily use case. Its also very light weight at around 2-3 ounces.

2. Another awesome thing about this case is the protection it provides. Obviously this is where otterbox shines it just happens to be a plus that the case looks just as good as it will protect your phone. This case is so good at protection you would have to throw it against a wall pretty darn hard to even get a scratch on it. That’s literally how protective this case is.

3. It also comes with the proper camera cut outs on the back of it which is obviously important if your into iphone photography.

4. It also helps when your looking at a case with over 1500 five star reviews on it which this case absolutely has. It also comes with a 1 year warranty if anything ever goes wrong with it.

With all of that said the commuter series comes in 5 different colors, and is a great buy if you want a stylish yet very protective case. This case is great for daily use, out doors, work, the weekend, or during your daily commute. The drop protection is unlike any case you have used, and otterbox commands one of the best names for cases in the world. We absolutely recommend you check out an otterbox commuter case, and our recommendation would be to go with aqua or blue!

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