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Otterbox Commuter Iphone 11 Case Review

The Otterbox Commuter Iphone 11 case is simply one of the best. Out of all the series Otterbox offers this is going to be your best bet for overall protection and style. The actual design on this case has basically stayed the same over the years which is pretty crazy. I’ve always picked one of these up upon a new Iphone release. As we get into the actual benefits to using it you can check out the pricing on it here.


The Otterbox Commuter Iphone 11 case currently comes in 4 different colors. Those colors being black, blue, rose, and mint. This time around I chose to go with black, and I have to admit it looks pretty nice on my red Iphone 11.

  • 4 Different Color Options
  • Blue, Black, Rose, Mint


Since this series was first created its always been a two piece case. It has a hard matte finish pc backing, and a rubberized tpu inside for placing your phone into. The case itself is also very nice for gripping, and does not scratch easy. Installing this case is not as simple as snapping it on / off, but you will understand the benefit to it in a second.

  • 2 Piece Case
  • Hard Matte PC Backing
  • Inside Rubberized TPU


Where the Otterbox Commuter Iphone 11 case shines the most is overall protection. Since its not as bulky as the Defender, or as thin as the Symmetry its the perfect in-between. It has every corner of your phone protected, and a lifted front raised lip to protect your iphones screen. If you drop your phone from a pretty high distance it will have no issues protecting your phone from cracks and scratches.

  • Great For Drop Protection
  • Coverage From Every Angle
  • Very Nice Grip

Closing Comments

Having used this series now for the last few years I can tell you its amazing. Its the perfect balance between style and protection. You can check out the latest pricing on it here.

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