Otterbox Defender Iphone 8 Plus Case Review

In our Otterbox Defender iphone 8 plus case review we will be going over what has made this series so popular over the years. The Defender has always been the prize pony high end case for Otterbox. It is a three piece case with a built in screen protector. It also comes with a cool little belt clip that you can also use as a phone stand. This is also going to be one of the best drop protection cases you can get. As we go over some of the benefits to using this case you can also check out some our live video below.

1. The Otterbox Defender iphone 8 plus case has a great build and design. This is a 3 layered case with a built in hard case, and an outer tpu covering. It also has a super slick built in screen protector. The screen protector works perfectly with the touch screen and home button. This case also comes in 8 different colors giving you some options. We felt however this one looked best in black.

2. As far as drop protection no one does it better than the Defender series. Since this case has your iphone completely covered it will give you some amazing drop protection. Literally every side will be covered with case the only downside is that it’s a bit on the heavier side at around 5 ounces. Putting the weight issue aside this is a great case for anyone who drops there phone a lot or works outside.

3. The Otterbox Defender iphone 8 plus case is super stylish as well. It has perfect cutouts for ever port such as the volume button, camera hole, charger, and volume buttons. Its also an easy to grip case making it easy to take in and out of your pocket. This really is the prize pony of all the Otters.

With some closing comments on our Otterbox Defender iphone 8 plus review this is the one of the best drop protection cases out there. It comes in 8 different colors some of which being black, blue, purple, and aqua to name a few. It has a built in screen protector which can also help protect your iphone from scratches. The design of this series has also stayed true to the original look that’s stay true to the brand. Otterbox is one of the best case makers in the business, and this is absolutely an accessory worthy of your attention.

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