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Otterbox Symmetry Iphone SE 2 Case Review

by edward

With the release of the Iphone SE 2 it only made sense to pick up an Otterbox Symmetry Case. Fortunately we have the Star Wars edition that looks freaking sweet. The Symmetry Series is one of the thinner lighter weight cases in Otters lineup. So if your looking for something a little less bulky this case will fit the bill. If your a Star Wars fan than I’d also say this case is a must get.


The Symmetry Series is a one piece case. Its snaps on quickly and lips around the front of your phone nicely. The outside of it has a Star Wars storm trooper graphic that looks amazing. The case itself has a smooth matte finish, and feels nice to hold one handed. Taking it in and out of your pocket feels effortless. It’s also very light weight at 1.76 ounces.

  • Star Wars Storm Trooper Graphic
  • Easy To Hold One Handed

Camera Hole Cutout

For taking pictures the case has a perfect camera hole cutout. It will allow you to take panorama shots, or record video without interference. It also gives the camera a bit of protection if you end up dropping your phone.

  • Does Not Interfere With Camera
  • Gives The Camera Protection


The Otterbox Symmetry Iphone SE 2 Case is an excellent at protecting your phone. It will have no issues giving you drop protection from around 6 feet high. You also won’t have to worry about the Star Wars graphic scratching off since I’ve personally dropped my phone a few times with it on and its held up just fine. Bottom line this is a solid case for protection.

  • Great Drop Protection
  • Super Stylish

Final Thoughts

Otterbox has been known for making nice cases for years. What makes this one so special is that its a Stars Wars Edition. It will look fantastic on your Iphone SE 2, and more important its a bargain at only $25 dollars. You can grab yours by clicking here.

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