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Poker Clarity Review – Is The Training Worth It?

by edward

The goal of Poker Clarity is to help you improve your poker skills. It makes no difference. Beginners, intermediates, and professionals you will notice a significant boost after joining Poker Clarity. Let’s look at why you clicked this link.

Poker Clarity, Who Are They?

They are a new poker training site to teach you how to play poker like a professional. They will help you with some tips and strategies from their well-experienced coaches and hundreds of videos that will help you win more games, play in the larger tournament and win more cash.

Who is Lexy Gavin?

The founder and the leading head coach of Poker Clarity. She is from Long Beach, New York, United States. Her poker career began as an online player, moved to Canada to achieve her goal of online grind.

As an observant lady she is, she always tries to make up for her mistakes in poker with the corrections needed on her next session by playing to see thousands of hands in hours, compared to the average of 20 to 40 or so hands ordinary people see at a table. She believes the amount of time she spent analyzing and studying her mistakes and playing are great attributes of her success in poker.

After spending some months (eighteen months) in Canada, she returned to the United States not to New York but to Las Vegas, where she decided to start live porker. She began to play tournaments and mid and high-stakes cash games.

Some of her achievements in her twelve years experience as a professional poker player are number #1 female poker player in the world for 2020 Global poker index player of the year race and was the number #1 female at the 2019 world series of poker with cash, with consistently ranked as one of the top layers in the world and has over 1.5 million dollars in live and online earnings.

Coaches in Poker Clarity.

The coaches in Poker Clarity are well experienced with a lot of high success in poker or their field of expertise.

Lexy Gavin.

  • Founder and leading head coach of Poker Clarity.
  • 5 million dollars in live and online earnings.
  • Twelve years of experience.

Chris Conrad.

  • 2million dollars olive tournament earning.
  • Ten years of experience.

Rep Porter.

  • A graduate from the University of Washington and worked as an equity trader.
  • 3x WSOP bracelet winner.
  • Four million dollars earnings.
  • Seventeen years of experience.

Ian John.

  • 3x WSOP bracelet winner.
  • More than one million dollars earnings.
  • Fifteen years plus of experience.
  • He is a specialist in limit hold’em for more than a decade now.he brings a unique attack to the game both as a player and instructor.

Bryce Williams.

  • Poker podcast host and cash game specialist.
  • Five years plus experience.
  • Eighteen months ago, he change to being a live arena poker player but originally, his primary source of poker earning is online grinding.

Zachary Elwood

  • Poker tells expert.
  • Consultant to pros.
  • Author of “Reading poker tells”.
  • Interested in all things behavior, you can learn the secrets of physical and verbal poker behaviors.

Rick Fuller

  • He is a former police officer, a private pilot, a skydiver with lots of jumps in his diving C.V and a certified SCUBA diver.
  • Four WSOP final tables.
  • Eight hundred thousand dollars live earnings.
  • Experience of more than ten years.

David Somers.

  • 700thousand plus earning live and online.
  • Experience of three years as a top online player.
  • He was thought poker at a young age by his mother.
  • Retired from playing poker, he is now an automation consultant. And enjoy swing dancing and playing basketball.

Greg Vander Ford.

  • Professional poker and an experienced teacher.

Ellyn Shinke.

  • Burnout coach to high achievers. Helps tackle one of the real problem affecting poker players globally.
  • A scientist-certified professional coach and neuro-linguistic practitioner.

Lisa Pickell.

  • The first woman to win the WSOP circuit ring in NLH.
  • The life of poker is filled with ups and downs. That’s why Lisa will bring the other side of poker missing in all of the poker training sites. With Lisa, you can discover to attack each day of an event and help you deal with bad beats.

Courses in Poker Clarity

Poker Clarity offer courses such as

  • Poker -go live high stakes cash game.
  • Student hand review.
  • Implied odds.
  • Bankroll management.
  • Mental games of poker with over 100 plus courses in Poker Clarity to be acquainted by the coaches.

To get access to the course complete list, register and become a member of the V.I.P.

You can still access their free resources after submitting your name and email address. These are the free courses on the list below.

  • 10 handed raising ranges (RFI) tournament.
  • Preflop raising ranges (RFI).
  • Poker term list.
  • The poker lifestyle and hand review.

Benefits to Subscribing to Poker Clarity.
  • Regardless of how good you believe you are at poker, Poker Clarity will provide you with some techniques and suggestions to help you improve.
  • Learn from someone with experience and a proper understanding of the game and teach students their strategies.
  • When you can begin playing winning poker, you will learn to enjoy yourself.
  • On a social night outing with friends or family, you can surprise them by showing the improvement in your level by winning with the help of Poker Clarity.
  • The courses can take players into full-time income earners if you are willing to be a professional player.

Monthly Cost (Membership)

The payment of the first 30days is almost free at the value of 7 dollars only while getting.

  • More than 300 videos from poker professionals.
  • Question and answers section with professionals after every two weeks.
  • Exclusive poker community support.
  • Quizzes on poker to test your knowledge.
  • Quick reference chart of poker professionals.
  • With the giveaway of the special report of poker games and news

To get access to all these, they are valued at 5982 dollars. But in Poker Clarity, you can get them at a start now of 7 dollars for the first 30days and later keep paying for 49.99 dollars per month.

Final Thoughts

The Poker Clarity training site will help you take your game to a new level. You can gain and learn vast knowledge from their coaches with access to over 300 tutorial videos, live coaching calls, quizzes resources, and more. All in all it’s definitely worth subscribing too. If you would like to get started click here.


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