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Pop Slots Iphone App Review

The Pop Slots iphone app is extremely fun and addictive. This is a slot based game that is completely free to download, and is packed with lots of vegas rewards. You can do things like win free hotel stays, get food vouchers for restaurants, or even tickets for entertainment events. That isn’t the only reason you should play Pop Slots however. I honestly think the game is just really good. As we get into some of the benefits to playing it you can also head straight to the sign up page here.

Before you begin playing you will get to choose your own custom avatar and screen name. You will also get a glimpse of a cartoonized version of the MGM Grand. The overall design and theme of this game is pretty incredible. You can use your avatar to walk up to different slot games within the casino. What the Pop Slots iphone app does so well is making you feel like your actually in a real casino.

When playing you will be trying to level up after each spin. The more you bet when your playing the faster you can get to the next level. You do have to be careful how much your betting since you can run out of coins quickly. They try to entice you to put up real money for coins, but if you wait long enough they will automatically give you more to play with.

Then of course are the actual rewards for playing. In order to really unlock a lot of the free hotel stays, and other vouchers your going to have to play for a while. You will need to keep playing until you get up to level 20 to see a lot of the good prizes. That shouldn’t be a problem however especially if you consider yourself a slot junkie.

With all that said the Pop Slots iphone app is definitely worth a download. The cartoonish slot theme, and ability to unlock vegas rewards is very enticing. You can start playing the app by clicking here.

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