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Robinhood vs Coinbase for Bitcoin

Well the time is upon us to compare Robinhood vs Coinbase for trading Bitcoin. Having used both of these apps for over 3 years I feel I am best to point out some of the major differences. I have also profited over 15k alone in the last 12 months using them. As we go over some of the major differences you can check out some of our video review directly below.

Lets kick things off with the Robinhood app. Robinhood is my go to when it comes to stock trading. They offer zero commission trading on here. This would allow you to get started with as little as $5. When it comes to trading Bitcoin, and some of the other crypto’s this app is far from perfect. As of right now you can trade somewhere around 6 of the most popular coins. And yes it will be completely free to do so. The biggest problem however is that you don’t own the coins. You cannot purchase things with Bitcoin, or send it to someone.

So now lets get into Robinhood vs Coinbase for Bitcoin. Coinbase has been my best friend for trading cryptocurrency for the last 3 years. You can trade some of the most popular coins, check price histories, and even set price alerts. Coinbase is currently used by over 20 million members, and has done billions in transactions. One of the biggest differences is that you actually own the coins on Coinbase. You can send Bitcoin to someone, or even purchase something with it. There are fee’s for using it however with around 1.3 percent transaction fees. Even with that I still love using it.

So with some closing comments on using Robinhood vs Coinbase for Bitcoin I definitely prefer Coinbase. They have a very user friendly app for trading on your phone, and have helped me earn thousands of dollars with little effort. Take that with a grain of salt however since I have years of trading experience under my belt. It is also very easy to setup your bank checking for deposits and withdrawals. If you want to check out some more resources on Coinbase click here.

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