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Rumpel Thrill Spins Slot Game Review

by edward

Oh Rumpel, can you give us some your spin magic! Rumpel Thrill Spins is an exciting slot game with lots of multipliers, and the possibility of hitting big jackpots. The game has a great theme and a whole lot more.

Rumpel Thrill Spins Slot Game is one of the games in the Genesis series of slot games. Like any other game, It is a game of chance that provides its players with fun, excitement, and multiple chances of winning. This article will provide you with all the important details about this interesting slot game.

Best Casinos To Play Rumpel – Summarized List

  1. Bovada Casino – Visit Site
  2. Ignition Casino – Visit Site
  3. Slots lv Casino – Visit Site


Do you remember that fairy tale commonly told to children of an imp called Rumpelstiltskin who spun straw into gold in exchange for a female firstborn child? This game was cleverly named after the fairytale story, most probably because of the allusion to the spinning gold. Not only is this slot game named after the mysterious fairytale, but the entire game also revolves around the golden straws.

Genesis Gaming is known for creating games with engaging themes and plots that keep gamers glued to their seats. The theme is quite juvenile and fairytale-based. However, the mechanics and big-win potential are pretty high. With the deep symbols, the landing page interface, and the goal of the game, the studio provides a fairytale atmosphere for gamers. This creates a feeling of nostalgia for players, especially for those who are children at heart.

In Game Icons

Rumpel Thrill Spins Slot Game is an online casino game where the players can win riches by spinning the reels. This special game consists of 5 reels, which provide players with several opportunities to win and also to get free bonus rounds where they get free spins and multipliers if you can spell ‘RUMPELSTILTSKIN’ correctly. Not only will you have a fun time spinning wheels, but you will also get to show off your spelling skills. The icons in the gameare:

  • Rumpel
  • Girl
  • King
  • Castle
  • Reels of gold
  • A golden book
  • A stack of straws
  • A necklace
  • A spindle

Now, all the icons stated above each individual or collective function, for instance, the king, the girl, and the castle, collectively project the fairytale theme of the game. There’s much more information on how these icons are important in triggering bonuses and wilds.

How to Trigger Bonuses and Wilds

When playing a game, the goal of every player is to win the game. However, a good other option for the Rumpel Stills Spin Slots game is wilds and bonuses. Here are a few tips as to how you can trigger bonuses with the use of some specific icons.

  • The regular icons: In reference to the icons listed earlier, the function of some of the icons, such as the king, the princess, and the castle, is to depict the general fairytale theme of the game. While other icons, such as the necklace, if used appropriately, would not only trigger bonuses but also increase your chances of winning.
  • Triggering the wild icon: The reel of thread is the game’s wild icon that is used to substitute regular symbols for wild symbols; this increases the number of times you can spin, which in turn increases your chances of winning.
  • Using the necklace: One main icon you need to look out for is the Necklace; it appears only on reel 3. This icon fills up all the reels, making them turn wildly sweet.
  • Golden book for a scatter win: Another icon is the golden book; this icon appears on reels 2,3 and 4. It is called a scatter icon because it causes a scattered win and also triggers RumpelThrillSpins, where all the wins are multiplied by the cumulative of the placed by the player.
  • Other bonus triggers: The stack of straws and the spindle are also icons that trigger bonuses. Here, the trick is to ensure that the stack of straws stops on reel 1 and the spindle land on reel five at the exact same time; this will trigger the gold feature bonus. In the gold feature bonus, Rumpel appears on the screen to turn the reels wild, thereby increasing your chances of winning.
  • Using the RumpelThrillSpins: Lastly, one feature that increases your chances of winning from 50% to 70% is the RumpelThrillSpins feature. As mentioned earlier, an aspect of the game requires you to spell Rumpel’s full name. With every correct letter spelled, you are given a bonus spin, and if you are lucky, you will be awarded a multiplier, which allows you to win the game. But if you spell out any of the letters wrongly, you would be given only 4 spins.

What Are The Reasons to Give This Game a Try?

Apart from the excitement that comes with playing a casino game, there are various reasons why you should play the Rumple Thrills Spin Slots game. The following are some of them.

  • High Return To Player (RTP): After playing the free version for a while and you are ready to make some real stakes, you can proceed to play with real money. Genesis Studio gives its players 96.10% RTP (Return To Player) depending on the fund deposited during the game initially.
  • High volatility: When compared to other Genesis gaming slots, it has relatively high volatility, which may not be appealing to everyone. However, if you’re interested in volatile games and risk-taking, this game is for you.
  • Free spins: this can be quite entertaining and can have extreme results, with your spins being really good or really bad. This keeps in tune with the volatility of the game.
  • It offers the option of Autoplay and many bonuses.

Best Online Casinos To Play Rumpel Thrill Spins

1. Bovada Casino

In the online gambling industry, Bovada is one of the most popular online casinos. They are also by far the fastest-growing betting site among the other gambling sites. Therefore this casino would be a great platform where you can play the Rumpel Thrill Spin game due to the following reasons. You can get started on Bovada Casino here.


  • Great payment methods and payment speed
  • Amazing Bonuses
  • Variety of games and sports
  • High-quality customer service
  • Great user interface


  • Reward program could be better

2. Ignition Casino

Amongst the three online gaming sites mentioned in this article, Ignition is the newest online casino. Owned by Lynton Limited, this casino serves US customers and provides great gameplay. You can get started on Ignition Casino here.


  • High number of progressive jackpot games
  • Great bonuses and promotions
  • Efficient customer care services
  • Relatively good device compatibility
  • Efficient payment options


  • Not available worldwide

3. Slots lv Casino

Slots lv is one of the first few online casinos in the gaming industry, and it has been functional since 2013. This Casino is mostly focused on video slots; however, it offers other types of games as well. You can get started on Slots lv Casino here.


  • Huge bonuses
  • Simple navigation system
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Lots of Jackpot slots


  • Lack of proper gaming license
  • No live games
  • No sports betting

Final Thoughts

From the fairytale theme to the strategically placed bonuses and wilds to the inner workings and interesting interface of Rumpel Thrill Spin Slot Game, it is safe to say that Genesis Gaming Studio created something quite unique.

So, if you are a gamer with years of gaming experience looking to dive into the interesting world of slot games, or if you are a newbie looking for the perfect game, this is the game for you. Hopefully, this article will help you in choosing the best online casino to play this interesting game.

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