Rusty Lake Paradise App Review

Rusty Lake Paradise is a very cool point and click adventure. The plot of this game has you traveling to an island after your mother has recently passed away. It has a very unique story line that is based around the ten plagues of Egypt. We will have some live video below you can check out, but will also highlight some of the benefits to this game below.

The Rusty Lake Paradise app is not game that is for everyone. It is more of a puzzle based strategy game that starts off a bit slow. After you have had the chance to play this game for a good 5 minutes you will start to get a good feel for it. What this game does have going on for it is some amazingly designed pastel backgrounds that look gorgeous. The entire look of this game was created by Dutch painter Johan Scherft.

Another great thing about Rusty Lake Paradise is the soundtrack on this game. Each time you hop into plague you will notice a shift in music, and also will appreciate the cool sound effects as well.

As far as the overall game play this is definitely a cool puzzle based point and click game. It can be a bit creepy at times which is another reason I enjoyed it. I myself do love a good challenge every once in awhile, and this game will definitely do that.

With some closing comments on our Rusty Lake Paradise App Review we think its definitely worth a download. If your into fun point and click puzzle based games this would be a top pick to what is currently available on the app store. Its touch and point system works perfect, it has an amazingly designed theme, and its also quite fun and creepy.

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