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Samsung Galaxy A11 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

by edward

The Samsung Galaxy A11 is a solid new phone for anyone on a budget. It comes with an exceptionally cheap price point of only $160 dollars making it affordable for just about everyone. I am pleased to say that Samsung nailed it on the head with this phone in the best way possible. It’s great for watching video, playing games, and taking pictures. I would say its easily one of the most impressive phone’s right now in its price range.


The Samsung Galaxy A11 currently comes in three different colors. Those being black, blue, and red. I decided to go with the blue this time around and it looks fantastic! The phone has front glass and hard plastic backing. The back of the phone being plastic still feels quality especially when your holding it in your hand. At first I didn’t even realize it was plastic to be honest with you. The phone also has some weight to it so don’t expect it to feel very light and cheap.

  • 3 Different Color Options
  • Front Glass With Plastic Backing

Screen Size

The phone has a 6.4 inch lcd display that’s great for watching video and playing games. There is however a small notch at  the bottom of the phone which is slight, but I still have to point it out. For the most part you get the entire screen on here which is a plus. The screen resolution comes in at 720×1560 pixels and looks nice n crisp for watching some netflix. Bottom line the screen is perfection.

  • 6.4 Inch LCD Display
  • Perfect Size for Watching Video

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Even though this is considered a budget phone it has a really nice 3 lens camera. The back camera is 13mp and also has a 5mp zoom feature for taking close up shots. The front facing camera is 8mp and good for taking selfies. You will also be able to record in 1080p hd. I did a couple close up shots of my cat at home in the video above for reference.

  • 13mp Back Camera
  • 8mp Front Facing Camera


You will be happy to know this phone can play high graphic games like COD Mobile, PUBG, and Fortnite. I had a chance to play quite a bit of COD Mobile with the phone for the last week and it played smoothly. You will have to play some these games on a lower graphic setting, but even the quality is hardly noticeable.

  • No Issues Playing High Graphic Games
  • COD Mobile, PUBG, Fortnite

Final Thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy A11 is an amazing budget phone with a price point of only $160. I didn’t exactly have the highest  expectations for it, but after using it for a solid week I was pretty much blown away. It has a nice design, a 6.4 inch lcd  display, good camera, and that amazing price point. I wouldn’t even hesitate buying it which you can do here.


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