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Samsung Galaxy A53 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

by edward

Samsung’s Galaxy A series has long been the company’s most popular mid-range handsets. The Galaxy A52, released last year, was also a smash hit. Galaxy A52 came with a 90Hz+ display, dual speakers, faster charging, and a larger battery, among other features. As a result, the device following it in 2022 will have a lot of catching up.

Samsung’s formula for success was this. It distinguished the A52 from its rivals. Samsung has nailed the formula with the Galaxy A53. Based on time spent with the Galaxy A53, let’s walk through formed opinions on it. The enhancements are gradual yet deliberate. Apple carts haven’t been disturbed too badly by Samsung. Instead, it has bolstered its offering with a promising product.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 Is Up Against The Competition

There are many exciting options in the mid-range segment right now, and Google’s Pixel 5a is an easy pick if you’re looking for a new phone in 2022. The Pixel 5a sports an OLED display, and while it lacks a fast refresh rate screen, it makes up for the deficiency in other ways. The cameras, in particular, are outstanding, with the phone capable of producing flagship-level images.

However, the Snapdragon 765G is getting old, and the Pixel 5a isn’t relatively as quick as the A53. The 4680mAh battery, on the other hand, ensures that the phone lasts for at least a day. Furthermore, the Pixel 5a came preloaded with Android 11 and will receive three Android OS updates, lagging behind the A53. It is, nevertheless, the clear pick if you want the best camera in this category and bloat-free software.

Realme’s GT Neo 3 is a solid alternative to Samsung’s mid-range product outside of the United States. The phone, which is effectively the Nord 3 with a different moniker, was just announced in China and should find its way to worldwide markets in the coming weeks. The GT Neo 3 features a 120Hz AMOLED display, MediaTek’s excellent Dimensity 8100 platform, a 50MP camera with exceptional photo quality, and a 5000mAh battery with 80W rapid charging. It comes pre-installed with Android 12 and will receive two guaranteed Android OS updates.

Galaxy A53 Design

No significant alterations are made to the design. Plastic covers the gadget’s sides and back, just like its predecessors. Compared to prior models, the plastic material feels much better. There are zero embellishments or designs. This time you are getting a plain version of your chosen hue. Awesome White, Awesome Black, Awesome Blue, and Awesome Peach are the four available.

The cut-out for the back camera is more curved, with the color matching the body. For further protection, it comes with Gorilla Glass on the front. Water and dust resistance is rated at IP67 on the Samsung A53.

Sound Quality

Compared to Galaxy A52’s 90Hz, the refresh rate has been increased. A well-detailed 6.5-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display with about a 120Hz rate of refresh is included with Galaxy A53. The phone can easily handle the refresh rate, the animations are silky, and the UI is easy to use. The panel has a good Brightness Mode range that allows it to exceed 800 nits of brightness. This is seen as a big step forward.

Galaxy A53, like its predecessor, has stereo speakers with acceptable sound quality. The headphone jack (3.5mm), on the other hand, is no longer available. Samsung has removed it, and this will irritate many users.


The Samsung Galaxy A53 is powered by Samsung’s 5nm Exynos 1280 system processor, supporting 5G. In comparison to the Snapdragon 750G-powered Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung claims it gives an 18% increase in multi-core performance of CPU and a whopping 43 percent increase in the performance of GPU.

128/256GB and 6/8GB RAM of storage are available with the new chipset. When compared to its predecessor, there is an obvious increase in performance. Samsung boasts about the device’s mobile gaming capabilities and says users won’t suffer slow output given the memory capacity. It’s pretty good for a mid-range Samsung series.

Camera & Phone Photography

Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy A53 uses a 64-megapixel primary sensor with optical stabilization, and the rest of its setup is the same. A 5-megapixel depth sensor, 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor, and a 5-megapixel sensor round out the other sensors. The new Galaxy A5x does not have zoom cameras, which is disappointing. Many fans eagerly anticipate this upgrade, but Samsung does not appear interested.

The camera software from Samsung has been improved to improve the low-light style of photography. So far, the Samsung cameras appear decent enough, with performance comparable to the Samsung A52.

Battery Life

The Galaxy A53 has received one of Samsung’s more significant upgrades. It has a strong battery capacity, about 5,000mAh, that can be charged in 25 minutes. As a result, Samsung has both given and taken.

There is no charger included with the Samsung Galaxy A53. You’ll need to Purchase Samsung’s official 25W charger separately to take advantage of its charging rate.


The Samsung Galaxy A53 has a significant benefit overall from previous mid-rangers. One UI 4.1 and Android 12 are pre-installed on the Galaxy A53. As a result, it includes many similar features to Samsung’s most recent flagships.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy A53 is expected to get four years of Android OS updates. It will also receive security updates for five years. This commitment level to updates is unheard of when considering the mid-range segment. As a result, Samsung deserves credit for taking the lead in this area.

Advantages of Purchasing a Samsung A53?

With the Galaxy A53, Samsung is playing it safe. The phone isn’t that dissimilar to its predecessor in terms of design. The Exynos 1280 processor is noticeably faster, and the 5000mAh battery lasts longer. A vibrant AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh, cameras that take excellent photos in any situation, and IP67 dust and water resistance are also included.

The software is the Galaxy A53’s main differentiator; Samsung sets the standard in this area by guaranteeing four Android OS updates. As a result, no other manufacturer’s mid-range phone can compete with the Korean brand.

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  • You’re looking for a phone in the middle of the price range with long-term software updates.
  • A phone with a bright screen and a 120Hz refresh rate is required.
  • You want a camera that can take great pictures in any light.
  • With heavy use, you’ll need all-day battery life.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy A53 seems to be a true successor to the Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy A53 hands-on left an impression, and it’s good to put it through more rigorous testing to get a more comprehensive review. This time around, Samsung has prioritized the improvement of quality over quantity. It has perfected the formula for winning it established with the Samsung Galaxy A52. The company appears to have another win on its hands.


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