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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Gaming Review

If your a hardcore mobile gamer it doesn’t get much better than the samsung galaxy note 9. The 6.4 inch screen and Super AMOLED display makes this phone an all time great for gaming in my honest opinion. We chose to play 3 of the best high graphic games to test its performance out which were Asphalt 9, Into The Dead 2, and Left To Survive. You can watch out some of our live video review below as we cover more of the benefits to using this phone.

When it comes to gaming on samsung galaxy note 9 size really makes a difference. Having a much bigger display to work with definitely makes for a more enjoyable gaming experience. The Super AMOLED display looked sharp especially when playing Asphalt 9.

Sound on this phone is also impressive. I would say mid through in the above video I really started to pickup on some of the little sounds it was catching that I probably would have not noticed. When you have the volume jacked all the way up I would definitely recommend throwing on some headphones because it can get really loud.

Another thing about gaming on the samsung galaxy note 9 is battery life is very good especially if you plan on putting a long session into any particular game. The phone has a built in 4000 mAh battery that is non removable. Its hard to put into perspective how big a battery that is, but its pretty freaking massive since this phone is so large.

With some closing comments on our samsung galaxy note 9 gaming review we definitely think its in its own league. This might not just be the best android gaming phone of the year, but the overall best phone to come out all year. The only downside is that it has a hefty price tag of around $900. If you have some extra cash your not using, and are a hardcore mobile gamer like myself this is a no brainer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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