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Samsung Galaxy S5 Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade – Fliptroniks.com


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There are more than 5 reasons to upgrade to the samsung galaxy s5 but in this video we cover 5 of the main reasons. The first one is the overall design of the device. The thing that really stands out is the new matte backing that feels like velvet or even a bit like leather compared to the previous glossy plastic backing. The second reason is the camera is awesome. It has a 16mp back camera and a 2.1 front facing camera which takes great videos and pictures. The third reason is the processor is alot faster so running games, browsing the internet and running apps will be even better than before. The next reason is the battery life will be a bit better on this device from the galaxy s4, and having to charge your phone constantly is a pain so any upgrade on the battery life is a big deal. The last reason is this phone is waterproof somewhat. I haven’t myself poured water on it but if you accidentally drop it in water the phone will be okay, and who hasn’t accidentally done that once before.

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