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Samsung Galaxy S6 – 5 Cool Tips & Tricks – Fliptroniks.com

We’ve got the galaxy s6 and will be showing you 5 cool tips and tricks. The first one it moving the notification buttons around. If your anything like me and use the notification panel this will definitely help you out. Simply hold down on any notification icon and drag it up to the top and click done. For example lets say you need bluetooth to be more easily accessible just hold down and drag to set it as one of your top notifications. 


Another tip is using the flashlight option on your galaxy s6. If you were wondering about using your galaxy s6 as a flashlight you definitely can. Simply go into the notification options and highlight the flashlight icon, and it will light your galaxy s6 up.


Then theres a cool trick for making your screen invert on your galaxy s6. Go into the settings and click direct access. Next make sure negative colors is turned on. Now when you go back to the home screen tap the home button 3 times and it will invert the screen. If you want to uninvert it simply tap it again 3 times.


Another cool galaxy s6 trick is to make it a bit faster. To do this go into your settings and scroll down to about phone. Next find build number and tap it 7 times. This will enable developer options. Go back into your settings and find developer options and scroll down to the animation scale options there should be 3 of them. Set all of these to 0 and it will get rid of any lag on your galaxy s6.


The last tip for galaxy s6 is using the new themes options. In your settings there is a section called themes. They have lots of cool new themes that are always being added, and there all really cool so your sure to find something you like. That wraps up the five cool tips and tricks for your galaxy s6.

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