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Samsung Galaxy S6 Top 5 Zombie Games – Fliptroniks.com

Who doesn’t love some zombie games. We’ve gotten the top 5 must have zombie games for your samsung galaxy s6. Our first choice is a game called dead target. This is a first person zombie shooter that is extremely awesome and addictive. Next is a game called zombie frontier which is another first person zombie shooter that is very fun. Then there is zombie assault 3 which is a third person zombie shooter that has tons of downloads for good reason its also awesome. Its so awesome we had to give our fourth choice to zombie assault 4 which is the fourth installation in the series, but just as good if not better then zombie assault 3. Last but not least we chose zombie highway 2. This is a car racing zombie game that looks great visually and is highly entertaining. That wraps up our top 5 zombie games for the samsung galaxy s6, and while there are alot more zombie games out there these should definitely suit your zombie needs.

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